March 03, 2006



Every soldier thinks that. Every soldier with a heart feels that. It comes and goes, and someday it will go, and leave you in peace. You have fought bravely and well. Your cause was just. You have returned safely to the woman you love. Yes, you are still a patriot.

And welcome home.


So good to see you post again. Welcome Home.

And you are indeed a patriot. I offer you a most humble thank you. We all sleep safer at night because of you.


Rusten, good to have you back. I'm looking forward to your thoughts, whatever they are, because I know they will be from your heart.

We need men like you to speak the truth about what you think and feel.

Kat in GA

So glad to see you back again. Lookiing forward to reading your new blog!


I look forward to reading what you have to say. Keep it coming!

Again, Thank you for your service.

Mark Daoust

Thank you for your service.

It is good news to hear you are home. God bless you and our troops....

And God speed to them.


thank you from my kids and my wife and I , thank you

Jordan, Pa

Congratulations! good to hear that you fought for our country to defend the rights of our freedome, welcome home
looking forward to more posts!
Jordan P

Jennifer K

Don't feel guilty for being back home with the ones you love. There are many who never feel the call to serve...we are grateful to ALL who do. You have served your country it is time for your family to enjoy you also. May God Bless You and your family...

Sheila in Delaware

Welcome home, I appreciate your sacrifice to our country. We lost our son on 9/11 and because of your sacrifice his death was not in vain.


Hi Rusten,

This past weekend I saw the story about you and the other soldiers in the Sunday USA magazine, Words, War & the Web. After signing into your blog and reading about life in Iraq firsthand, I cried and cried...but thank you for your honesty and openness. We need to hear this and feel this because most of us are desensitized to the real terror and everyday struggles because we are bombarded by the media blitz that happens everyday. So we tune it out and turn it off.

Thank you for putting your life on the line everyday in Iraq.

What has been happening since you arrived home to your beautiful wife? Are you still in the military? Or have you moved over to the regular world? I hope you will keep us posted because you are a wonderful writer and your words ring true.

Welcome Home & God Bless you Rus.

Lynda from the midwest


How can you question your patriotism? No matter what you are feeling today, you served our country in her time of need. So far as I am concerned you have paid the price to say and feel whatever you want about this war and our country.


Of course you are still a patriot, but the feelings you are going through are normal.

Thank you for your service, and welcome home. THis country will need your kind in the years ahead, to support the future troops, just as those of us who went before have been supporting the troops who followed us.


Good to see your words again troop..

Keep your head up



I read the same article that Lynda refers to above. I enjoy your writing style. You should consider writing a book on your experiences, if you haven't already?

PS. Glad you made it home safely, Sir. Welcome back.



I believe Sheila in Delaware has shown that you are the most noble of patriots.


Welcome home, Rusten! I very much enjoyed reading your article in USA Weekend. Thank you for your honesty, and sharing with us. But most importantly, thank you for all you have done for the USA and Iraq. You are a true hero and role model.



I knew you'd get around to starting a new blog to match your non-deployed life! WOOT!

Hugs to ya. Once a Soldier... always a Soldier, Russ. Even when you're not on Active (or even Reserve) duty.

Patrick S Lasswell

It all depends on what you are walking away from and what you are walking towards. I have been there and survived because I set clear goals that I was trying to achieve.

You live to serve something greater than yourself. It is who you are and you will suffer if you decide to serve only yourself. Other people get to be satisfied with indulgence, but you have to do more.

Your heart is broken, a casualty of the deployment. Treat it as a wound, not a definition.

I prescribe a trip to the desert to see the ocatillo bloom. Visit a hot spring and purge your poisons, taking care not to replace them with the poisons of those around you. Disrupt your pattern and rediscover what makes you well.

Or you can come up to Portland and I'll get you really blitzed on the best beer in the world.


Welcome home. It is great to have you writing again! I am wondering exactly how you view the state of our nation. I am unclear if it's because of how the war is portrayed here or your assessment of everything. Has your previous experience changed your view on our nation, or did it actually change while you were away? I look forward to reading your views.

God Bless.

Beth* A.

It's about 2 months you've been back, give or take a day. I hope you've been getting to spend much of that time with your family. Continue to be good to yourself, Rusten Currie.


You did your time. Stay home and enjoy your wife and life. Some of us choose to stay but that is also a difficult decision. My family worries and I know I am at risk but that is why we fight, for the right to choose our way.


Let me first say that I have never been in that horrendous crucible called combat. Therefore, I speak with no authoruty at all. That said, it would seem to me that anyone who, on the orders of his Commander In Chief, faces combat and potential death, without shirking his duty, is, in my eyes, a patriot. Just as being a hero does not require one to be free of fear, being a patriot does not necessarily require one to be completely"gung ho". It only requires one to obey orders and perform his assigned duties.

I'm sure that the horrors of combat and the grief that goes along with seeing one's friends killed and maimed have colored the way you perceive your service and those that you served. Just remember..."give time ,time". Once again, God bless you and thank you for your service to our nation.


Rusten, I'm so glad that you are back in the USA safe and sound. I imagine the adjustment will not be an easy one. I look forward to your thoughts. I wish you and yours all the very best in the world.


Dude, you get a free pass on WHATEVER you feel or think. Period. Bought and paid for. God bless.

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