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Eric Wilner

Welcome home!
Please do continue writing... surely you haven't run out of things to say!
Are you still thinking of running for Congress?

T. Warfield

Welcome home Sir. Thank you for your service.


Thank You, sir, for your service to our wonderful country.
Welcome home and thanks for this site! I will share it with others.

David M

Congratulations and welcome home Lt. You have taken part in a great epic that will decide the fate of our nation and the world. I do hope you continue to blog and more importantly I hope that you will continue to serve and follow your calling.


Thank you for your service and your writing....I do hope you will consider blogging on.


Thank You for serving and for sharing. Welcome Home, now go enjoy...everything!


Thanks so much for everything Rusten. I can only echo what others here have said, particularly Guy Cannon. God Bless.

Kat in GA

God bless you... so glad to hear you are home & safe!


Welcome Home, Soldier.

Thanks for posting a picture with you and your gal.



*LOVE* the picture, Russ! You two look adorable, and I couldn't be happier you're home.

You're a changed man, for sure, but the changes will fortify you and make you a stronger man and husband.


coach Ratliff

I belive home is where the heart is!
been there done that, welcome home sir!
all the good to you and your love ones.
sgt.Ret. Ratliff

Guy Cannon


It seems trite to say thank you for your service. Those of us that have never felt the sting of battle will never truly know or understand what you have experienced over the last several months. That being said, it is with a grateful heart that I say well done. You have truly served your nation in a noble fashion. God bless you and yours, and may you be successful in all of your future endeavors.


Welcome home, and God bless you and your family, and like you I too pray for those who take your place.
I owe ya a beer or 20.



Welcome home, take time with your wife and family and smell the roses. Thank you for your service and thanks for your blog.
Whatever you decide to do I am sure you will give it 110% and be the better for it.


First, thank you for your service. Men like you are what makes our nation the greatest in the world.

I read your blog faithfully and lived vicariously through you, struggling through the pain of loss, the frustration of the military bureaucarcy and the ache of missing home. Your writing captured a side of war that few have ever written about.

I hope you will continue to write.

I'm glad you're home, safe in the arms of those you love. May God be with you.

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