jonathon RMC

congrats on almost finishing your tour of iraq LT. i hope you get home safely and ASAP sir.
well done.
jonathon harvey RMC



Congratulations on your promotion.

And, thank you for your insightful, intense, and brutally honest writing. Your philosphical approach to sharing what has/was happening in your midst has been wonderful.

Good luck and Godspeed for your journey home, but also in life. I sense, regardless of where you land, you will be a powerful influence, in a positive manner for all who come in contact with.

Stay the course, brother!

David M

Congratulations, Merry Christmas and come home safely!

Again, thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Good Luck in the primaries, if you still intend to run, that in itself might be worth moving to Ca for.

Take care, and stay safe til tomorrow comes again for you.


Congratulations, and be safe for the remaining days in danger. Of course, noone gets out of here alive, so ya know, like ya said, do the best job you can and accept your faults, pick yourself back up again, and keep on going. The US could use your help educating the naysayers over here. But I think you'll find that most people will shut up when someone say like you steps up and says "Hey, I was over there, and here's how it happened...." well, you know the rest. God speed and all of our love to you and your family.

Chevy Rose

Just to add my Thank You and congratulations with the others. I have grown to know you as a person these past months and I feel that no matter what you do in life, it will be with courage, commitment, and determination. The cream always rises to the top and you are bound for good things.
God bless you and keep you safe until you're home with your family.


Merry Christmas! I'm so happy for you.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us--the good times and the bad. I'm sorry I dropped off the comment and email "radar screen," but I was still a lurker. I think back to the times your state of mind worried me, and I'm so glad to see that you seem to have regained a balance.

"Thank you" rings so hollow, but those are considered the appropriate words when someone has done something for you. But what you have done for us through the years of your service is far beyond what a simple "Thank you" can address. Though we will never meet, you and your brothers will always have my deepest affection and gratitude for standing the line in my place.

May God bless you as you so richly deserve, with a long life of peace and joy and every good thing.



Hey Currie-
Boy, you sure do like to go out with a bang, don'tcha? That was a beautiful post. What a luck girl your wife is!

Thanks for the "thanks"- but it's me that will join the others in thanking YOU for sharing your experiences with us. Congrats on the promotion- I hope you will at least post some pictures of the ceremony and the homecoming.

I was watching the news yesterday morning, and saw the homecoming of a unit in California- on Christmas Eve. I cannot imagine how wonderful that must have been for the Soldiers and their families.

Be safe, Currie. Be safe, and keep in touch. (yeah.. I know how to get ahold of you too!)


Thank you Rusten for your service and sharing your thoughts. You have taught each of us who have read your milblog.
Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion to 1LT, and may you have great success in whatever career you ultimately choose. You are a good man, and your wife is very fortunate to have you as her life mate.


Beautiful post and I thank you for writing it. Although I was saddened that you will probably post no longer.

Congratulations on your promotion and coming home!!! Merry Xmas.

Beth* A.

Merry Christmas, Rusten, or I should say 1LT! Good for you! (and well-earned,there's no doubt.) Your posts have touched on emotions for me that it's certain only represented a hairsbreadth fraction of what YOU were feeling/enduring/going thru. As a release valve for you, I hope it helped you a great deal to write this blog. I know it was a rare privilege you granted US, to share in your anger or sorrow, or remembrances or joys. It's been an honor, and I thank you for it. May 2006 be a New Year that favors you and your family with every kind of good fortune. You deserve it. You all do.
God bless you, 1LT Rusten Currie, and all your brothers in arms.
As you say, continue 'moving forward....'

Lieutenant K

Hey LT,
I've only posted once before, but I've been reading your blog as well as Thunder6 and Major K's at least once a week. didn't I read somewhere that you guys are in the same unit?
I am stationed in Ramadi. I have 6 months down and 6 to go. As a writer and fellow 1st LT, I wanted to thank you for your blog. I will try to keep up the tradition of us milbloggers, letting the American people know what it's like over here into 2006 through our unique perspective.
Again, thanks for your service. We've never met, but I'm proud to say we served in Iraq at the same time. Enjoy your life, and create your own destiny. You deserve it.

Merry Christmas,
Lieutenant K


Merry Christmas, one of the true Santas of this world. You are, yourself, a gift.

Julie Harris

A single tear rolled down my cheek as I read this post....the happy kind of tear you might shed when a family member crosses the finish line in a very difficult and long race. Your words found a place in our "family" and our hearts. We don't post much but have whispered many, many prayers on your behalf. God's speed throughout the rest of your life's journey dear hero. You will forever hold a place of respect and gratitude in our hearts. Sincerely, Julie Harris and the Harris crew


Congrats on your promotion.
No more full moons in Iraq...now you can enjoy them at home with DJ.

Be well....Godspeed on your journey through life!

To paraphrase the immortal words of Santa Claus:

"Merry Christmas to you...and to you a Good Nite"

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