You must have killed lots of innocent Iraqis to get the promotion!

(RUSS HERE, This tool holds his manhood cheap daily. I hope he has a LONG life avoiding mirrors, and direct eye contact. Diddling himself to the sears catalog. Peter, you are the lowest kind of coward. You attack me, and hide behind a BS IP, don't leave an email address for me or others to respond. Leave me alone, choad. Gop back to your little playgroup, high five with your other mates, and say with as much pride as a worm such as yourself can muster; "I sure told him!". Peter, you are a total putz. Good luck with that.)



Turn your frown upside down!


Welcome home. I'm am so heartened to see you've arrived on US Soil and hopefully by now have reunited with your wife. You'll have to let us know what your going to do about the,,,,election!!

David Earney

Congratulations on your safe return home!


Welcome back! Well done. Family time and may all the beer be "on the house."


I just read that you're back on US soil. Woohoo!!! Great news to start off the week. Welcome home.

Thank you for your blog - your thoughts, your experiences, your trials and tribulations. I have enjoyed reading and will miss it if you decide not to post anymore.

Welcome home and thank you.

- hfs

Wes Jackson

Just linked over from Juliette's for the first time.

Thank you from myself and all my family for your service. And that thanks is HeartFelt indeed.

I will read your back story, and send nuggets to those most in need of understanding.
Welcome home!


Just got the good news about you being boots on US ground...

Welcome Home, 1LT!

Lisa Gilliam

Merry Christmas LT.C and Happy New Year!Also,congrats on your promotion.Thank you so much for your service to our nation and stay safe.

Neil Reinhardt

Hi Russ,

Congratulations on your promotion and on your soon return to So. Cal. I know you will be very happy to get home and get started in your political career.

As I told you before, I am willing to work on your campaign. (That is, IF your willing accept an Atheist Activists help.) And if you play, or would like to learn to play, beach volleyball, I hope you look me up for that as well.

Those who do not understand our actions to remove Saddam & to free the people of Iraq was both fully justified and a very necessary part of our war on terror are either ignorant of sufficient facts OR they are really just too stupid to be able to comprehend the facts.

(Most probably the latter.)

Hitler wrote a book "Mein Kampf" and in it said what he intend to do. Very few read it.

And few of those who did read it believed he would even try to do what he said he would do.

While Hitler did not get all of his goals acomplished, his attempt at doing so cost well over 50,000,000 lives plus the near destruction of many countries.
Hitler started with only few supporters and few, if any of them were religious fanatics who wanted to die so they could go to their rewards in some make-believe heaven.

Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have laid out their long range plans to kill or convert all the un-believers and place the entire world under a Taliban form of government.

And they do not have, as Hitler did, just a few supporters, rather, they have the resources of at least two countries (Iran & Syria) plus over 100,000,000 religious fanatics who are willing to take up arms in their cause.

They declared war on us in 1978 and they will not stop until we have either killed, or captured enough of them to deter them from their attempts in accomplishing the long range plans they have laid out.

Anyone who is so naive as to think they will not be killed because they were, or are, against our war in Iraq are among the most totally stupid people in the world.

Mere words are not anywhere sufficient enough to thank you and all other others serving our county, yet they are all I have to offer.

Were I young enough to be back in the service, I would be most honored to be serving with all of you.

(Yes, there are, as Pat Tillman, as well as many thousands of others have, and are proving, "Atheists in Foxholes")

I wish you the best.

Please, Take Care!

Neil C. Reinhardt

Rob Morse

Dear Lt C.,
Please post a few more times. Yes, you will soon be home save and sound if prayers could do so. Please let us know if our prayers and yours were answered.





Congratulatyions on your promotion Rusten. I wish you and your family all the very best that life has to give. Thanks again for all the wonderful things you've done.



Thank you for walking dangerous paths on my behalf. I look forward to a final two words: "I'm HOME."


Carry on, Sir!


Congratulations LT!! This is the first time I've read your blog and it brought tears to know you will no longer be bloging.

Your almost done sir, keep up the good work!!


Angel Sivell
Family Support Group President
Schofield Barracks, HI


God bless you and thank you from the whole of my heart for your service, Lieutenant.


Thank you...for everything. Sad to see you siging off, but so very happy to know you'll be home soon. God Bless and good luck in all you do.

Wayne's Mom

Add my name to the list of those who dropped a few tears at the thought of your last post. Our own son came home last week. I'm wondering what we'll do with our blog now. We've made so many friends like you, each of whom has become part of our extended family through shared experiences and spoken prayers. God bless you and your wife as you begin the next phase of your journey. And congratulations on your promotion.


Congratulations on your promotion and my fair winds follow your back all the way into your wife's arms. Good luck and us milbloggers will miss you (not too much though, you wrote too good!:-P)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.


Congratulations on your promotion and Godspeed as you make the trip home. I hope the remaining time goes by very, very quickly. And, needless to say, thank you a million times and then some more for your service.

I sent you a gift from your wish list earlier this year. In your kind thank-you letter, you mentioned running against Maxine. I say go for it and let me know how I can help!

God bless you and keep you safe, and my prayers also go out to your family.



I am not ashamed to admit I did tear up a bit reading this, probably your final post. You have never been far from our thoughts or prayers. I wish you nothing but the best in your every future endeavor. I am proud to call you my friend. Godspeed.

Michael Bruce Nelson
CPT, AD, Ohio Army National Guard


Congratulations on your promotion 1st lieutenant
You are indeed a brave and patriotic soul and I hope you receive everything you wish for in 2006, you've done your country and the world a great service.
Best Wishes & God speed to you
Sincerely Carl Danby, HMS Ocean


Thank you. For me, your posts have been insightful, informative & emotional...I will miss your writing. I hope 2006 will bring you peace of mind, joy and happiness for you and your family. Again thank you for all that you & your Marines are doing, have done and will keep doing. Words just don't seem to be enough but, I guess, they will have to do.


Sir, congratulations on your promotion. Thank you for sharing your life in Iraq with us. God speed home to your wife. You are a great guy.

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