1st Sgt Retired Raymond D. Hill Sr.

Your thoughts and memories of my son help heal my heart from the grief of his death. Your words bring back thoughts of my son. My thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless!


Russ, I can't write it any better than Baldilocks, but I hope you realize the stage, for you, is still being set. Your spirit is being tempered as steel in the fires of war, and your future holds greatness.

Be well, my friend. We need you here, in public life someday, hopefully soon. Judging from the fund-raising letters I'm getting, there are a number of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who are going into political races all over the country.

Chevy Rose

Great post, Russ. May God continue to bless and keep you safe.


Belatedly, Happy Veteran's Day, dear. If you ask me, that's EVERY day.


Lt C;

"The one thing that I have done for the entirety of my adult life I have been in and remain in uniform; what this says I do not know, but what I do know is this. Here, and now, of all the things I have wanted to be, I have always been a soldier. "

I believe you have posed the question and answered it successfully in that portion of your post.

In uniform, or out, the heart you have of a Marine and Soldier, the desire to serve your fellow human beings, in the NG, or in the Congress, or town council, you will be carrying on your calling.

There is a plan for you, and to go where you have, and to be where you are, and to felt what you have, is all merely prepartion for the next tasking.

Thank you for your insight to not only your soul, but to that of the fighting man. I have passed your blog address on to those who do not know much about the service, and one family who's son just enlisted, for your words are now calming them and showing them a side of the military life they have not seen presented. Your posts reach far beyond where you imagine.

Keep your spirit, and your soul.

Rebecca McCormick

I have following your writing for months now. With each post, you dig a deeper channel of appreciation in my soul. To you and all the others who bear the call of honor and wear the badge of courage, thank you, Sir.


J Kasper

Fortes fortuna adiuvat.

Semper Fortis!


I too wish to thank you for your service. I cannot imagine having my friends sacrificed, but sir, it has not been in vain!

I would like you to know that many of us have been following very closely what has been going down in the ME, I think we have turned a corner. What is behind that corner? Time will tell.

But things have been shook up in Jordan, Syria, and even France. Kofi has said that plans for dealing with an Iraq, under an Iraqi government need to be worked on. (Let's hope the UN can get something right!)

Perhaps I am most optomistic that caring, intelligent, and thoughtful leaders are approaching their time to take the lead in communities, state government, and on the federal level.

I pray for your faith, your health, and your spirit!


And we are always here for you, but more importantly, God is always right there with you. You may not realize it, but He is. I have no answers or explanations for you, but I have complete faith and assurance in whatever reasons He has.
My heart aches for you and the families of those lost. My prayers are with you, the loved ones remaining, and our ever faithful soldiers.
Thank you for your diligant service.Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for honoring our country.

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