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I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.


Excellent retort, and a very fine job of educating this Eurobozo. I too, work overseas but in a much safer environment - the oilfield. We only have to worry about thousands of pounds of pressure killing us - my hat's off to you and everyone there Rus! I salute you...

Gunny T

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Mat. 7:6
Merry Christmas


Thanx Melanie, Jake, Dagney,and David...It needed to be said.
My guess is CriSHITian has some connection to the latin loser(s) that harrassed Thunder6 a few months back.


Russ -you rawk! I hope you know that there is a HUGE COLLECTIVE "WE" that supports you and your troups.

Stay safe!


These guys will always be out there. Best to ignore them, since such a huge amount of people here, who, yes, also question but nonetheless serve and/or support BOTH the mission and the people like you.
I am, humbly, forever in your debt. I can not hope to repay you except say I love you guys and gals over there as we all love our country.


It's sad that you have to put up with crap like that from 'Cristian" Rusten. Nice response. We're all hoping and praying that you get through this safe and sound with the mission accomplished. Godspeed.


Very nice, Rusten... good self editing to refrain from a more visceral reaction. And whoa baby - Go Huntress!!! Hang in there Lt., my prayers are with you and all our troops. Come home safe and well and leave the trash (ie this "Cristian" person) to rot in the trashpile..

Jake Roxo

LOL...Nicly said Huntress. Kos Om ack indeed to the cowardly poster. RDC god be with you and your soldiers. We AMERICANS are with ya and support you 100%.

Filipe Acabado

I got the name wrong, sorry. I was adressing to you, rus, and not the other guy.

C u

Filipe Acabado

Cristian, obviously that anonymous individual doesnt know what he's referring to in his poorly laid rethorics. The colletcive memory of the european nations is short-lived, i know, im european also. I have for a fact that the United States have, with the blood of the first two generations of the 20th century, helped resolve foreign policy of European States, that being the Great Wars. You can perhaps find the root of this amnesia in our own universities, were young people who never had any contact with the truth about the peace that they now enjoy, are lead by political ideologies such as comunism, which they never had to withstand, to believe that the role played by the US is one of world's tyrant. They think that the world's problems are solved through rethorical and political speach, that peace is possible, despite the belligerant actions taken against them by clearly hostile states, through rethorics and political speach. They forget that non-action in the right time was ultimately responsible for the three great wars that europe saw in the 20th century (including the spanish civil war). This anti-war position is only possible to them now due to the the direct actions taken by the US, either alone, or as the leader of the NATO. If not so, it is my belief that our generation would already have seen another war. So our peace is assured at the expense of other people's efforts and blood. I wish people here would see that if it werent for the US, the NEW WORLD ORDER that they so fear and talk about would be dictated by an indeed foreign culture, like China or another would-be territorialist expansionist nation. They forget that their peace is only guaranteed by strenght of arms, and dont want to do nothing to help in that matter, for they are oblivious to it. They should remember indeed that to be happy you have to be free, and to bee free you must be brave enough to withstand those who try to enslave you--Tucidides. And sometimes, and i wish it was not so, if you want peace, get ready for war...


What a LOSER!!!! May God Bless you for having to put up with such idiots like that dumb guy ( I refuse to type the name, he's not worthy any attention). Stay Strong!


What a LOSER!!!! May God Bless you for having to put up with such idiots like that dumb guy ( I refuse to type the name, he's not worthy any attention). Stay Strong!


Don't listen to this idiot Russ. F**k him if he can't take a joke.


Hey Rusten....
First of all... pay no attention to the asshats. That's why no one responded to him in the original post, and why we don't pay attention to MSM crap either.

Secondly... you frikkin' rawk! That was a most excellent rant!


Huntress, you give Cristian credit for the brains required to understand your very succinct defense of our country. Kudos, and big fat dittos.

The problem is, it skipped right over his tiny brain with little understanding for such a brilliant dissemination.


Note to self. Never get on Huntress' bad side. *Smile*

Awesome reply ma'am!


Cristian IP number indicates he lives in Latin America however the ISP provider also services some of the Carribbean ....but my gut is leaning more towards Latin America.


I think your answer to this person was very well spoken. It will be interesting to hear where this cretan actually lives, and if he/she lied and actually lives in the USA, then it was dispicable to write such a message to an incredibly brave soldier--Lt. Currie!


Give me the IP number...you know I love hunting prey-:) altho it doesnt need much to expose Cristian for what he is- an ignorant spineless coward- and a troll.

I chose to ignore him when I posted immediately after the POS...but I'm in the mood to eviscerate:

Dear Crishitian:

Lt Currie's response sums up politely how I feel-but let me add this:

America is the only country in the world that continously questions our actions, our policies, our elected leaders, our media, our business leaders, our judicial system, and our foreign policy, and we do so under a spotlight for the entire world to witness.....provided the dictatorships of some countries allow its subjects to do so!

This is the only country that can be counted on to live by the Marine motto of "No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy" -yet we are compassionate enough to aid our enemies. The SOB that shot the Commander of "The Punishers", Erik Kurilla, and then who attempted to kill CSM Prosser, was treated for his wounds by American Dr's in the same hospital as Cdr Kurilla who he had shot!

However, you spineless POS, Cristian, WE will NOT cower to terrorists who blindly declare war on us and kill civilians - CHILDREN for God's sake - under the bullshit guise of "jihad" and blame "american foreign policy"!

We are generous to a fault when it comes to helping those in need including Islamic and Latin American countries that breed the very men who want to destroy us!

America is the only country that has provided aid and come to the rescue of Muslims being annihilated in Europe by Europeans.

Strangely...I didnt see Osama Bin Laden, or Al ZaCowardly come to their own peoples aid during that time!

And what interest did we have to protect when we got involved in the quaqmire in the Balkans...a quaqmire created by Europeans who were impotent to bring order to the chaos of their own making! In order to stop and dimish the massacres going on, particularly of Muslims, WHICH COUNTRY STEPPED IN??????

A M E R I C A!!!

You speak of the American illusion..but yet you do not define what this alleged illusion is. Just like those who blame American foreign policy for all the ills in the world including arab and latin american hatred of the west, and no doubt you blame something going on in Latin America where your from..or possibly the caribbean.. but fail to identify and describe the details of "american foreign policy" .

Since you haven't been able to define what this alleged American illusion is..lets talk about reality!

Unlike most countries including the arab nations where "birth" alone determines your future-The American reality is one of shaping your own life and destiny-of following the light of your inner self and not the path of some external authority. The life we make is far more important that the life we are given.

It is from this seed that democracy was born...and it is from this seed that a new Iraq was born on January 30th 2005 when Iraqi's VOTED in a real election for the first time.

It was furthered later that year when the first ever Constitution in an arab country created by the Iraqi's, for the Iraqi's, was ratified by an overwhelming majority of Iraqi's INCLUDING sunni's. Apparently the Iraqi's have embraced the process of democracy...they believe in creating the future..not being held hostage to a theocratic past!

America is a society that does not guarantee virtue or happiness but allows for the pursuit of both by every citizen. FREEDOM!
Economic, Religious,Speech

FREEDOM is the opportunity WE have now given the Iraqi's - the first arab country to have such an opportunity.

We did not come to subjucate, and create a servile fatalistic intolerant society such as existed under Saddam; and still exists in the Arab nations as well as Cuba, and such as existed under communism in most of Europe UNTIL America stood up not once (in WW2)but TWICE(in the 80's under Reagan) to stop the spread of this cancer..We came to bring freedom! It isn't glamourous work..it isn't easy..but our American troups along with the coalition are willing to help plant the seeds of freedom which remains the BEST hope this world has for mitigating terrorism.

FREEDOM- is this the illusion you speak of?

Freedom is western in its origin but UNIVERSAL in its application. BUT Freedom is not handed to anyone...it is fought for and earned at the expense of bloodshed. Freedom is worth dying for...just ask the Iraqi's who have paid a huge price and yet continue to fight for and defend their UNIVERSAL right to FREEDOM.

Yes..the common cry is that everything America does is meant to protect her interests...fair enough...but EVERY FREAKING COUNTRY on the planet does the exact same thing including the Latin American countries.

Yet somehow Cristian..no one ever bitches about that.

Do you think the terrorists are acting out of a moral good for the entire world?

NO.... they are acting on behalf of THEIR OWN INTERESTS...except their own interests include SUBJUCATING EVERYONE and KILLING anyone who doesn't share their ideal of a subjucated theocratric fatalistic servile intolerant society. Disagree with our President, parade outside his ranch, and you get media coverage. Do so under Bin Laden, Zarquawi, Castro, or a variety of dictators who ruled Latin American and you get jailed at best, or beheaded at worst.

American interests do NOT taint American ideals -they dignify and honor them.

Sometimes we become allies to a bad regime in order to prevent an even worse regime from taking root. Only by becoming an ally to Stalin - an evil man in his own right - we were able to oppose a regime that was even worse. Ever hear of the lessor of two evils?

While America initally supported Marcos and Pinochet, eventually America turned against them and ousted their regimes. Why??Because our interests had changed as the International Landscape changed.

And that Crishitian,is what Foreign Policy is all about...and if you,and all the Europeans, American leftists, Latin American and Arab dissentor who cry "American Foreign Policy is to blame" ACTUALLY understood the complexities of International Relations, you would be able to appeciate utter ignorance of your comments and your thinking.

Perhaps you need to be reminded of how Europe turned the 20th century into the darkest in history by bringing on two World Wars, and creating the two most crimial regimes ever inflicted on humanity.

Which country helped to forever alter eradicate that "small mistake" of european "foreign policy"- the pinnacle of evil and imbelicity?????

A M E R I C A!!!

Latin America's slowness to evolve towards democracy as well as the fall of communism, the ruin of Africa, european divisions, have all contributed to America 's success.

So yeah Christian I think I 'll take the american "illusion" over the delusion you are suffering under..and if you live in Latin America...you seriously need to re examine your delusions about America!

Lets see...Brazalian intellectuals and theologians blamed the destruction of the WTC on the extreme right....and if memory serves, it Leonardo Boff a Brazilian theologian who wrote in " O Globo" that he regretted that only one plane had crashed into the Pentagon!
Well now we know what kind of warped thinking Cristian has been indoctrinated too.

I am certain I speak for MILLIONS of people when I say we are thankful for the men and women who continue to ignore cowards like you, and defend our nation against those who fear the ideals of freedom, democracy, and self determination. Our troops are not merely protecting America's way of life, they are also redeeming all of humanity by defeating the terrorist threat posed by Al Queda.

Let me ask you a question Crishitian...would you prefer to live in a country ruled by Al Zarqawi or in America? In a country where you have the freedom to make of your life what YOU want to make of it...or one in which you must remain subjucated to the will of the leadership in a theocratic servile intolerant country?

You're a spineless ignorant coward ..and sadly our troups put their lives on the line for an ignorant POS like you...whether you live in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, or the arab nations.
Kos Om ack!
Thats arabic..and it doesnt mean..Have a nice day!



Glad to hear you are alright. Keep the chin up, you'll be home soon. What you are doing is important, and we (least I) am gratful.

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