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Welcome back brother.



Currie's back! Like Ruth, I've been praying for you, Russ. It's good to see you reflective and creative again. Writing is a powerful tool, and you truly have a gift to be shared.


That feeling of losing "your" gift is with out a doubt the most empty feeling I can think of to experience excpt death. Maybe in a way that is exactly what happens. The death of a path, or rather the end. However, I have found that a new path at a higher level or plane of understanding arises. You are experiencing the recognition of your self now as you are changing. Some changes are good others maybe not so good, but all part of the whole man. I think perhaps you are a far better writer today than you ever were before. You now write with soul and from the heart.

In the short time I have read your work, I have noticed many changes in your style, depth, and strength of words. It has been like watching a baby grow into a young man then the young man grow into a man.

I have also marveled at your ability to use the written word to bring yourself up from the depths of dispair repeatedly. I admire the way you do not run or hide from yourself or your demons. You meet them head on. Good for you. You are a better man for it!

A word of caution in your new chosen goals. Do not give up your writing. It will always give you purpose, and it will always keep you true to your path. You are one of those men who will never be able to lie to yourself or or stray from 'the' path. It is your unique writing ability that gives you clarity of purpose and keeps you true to your path.

Well enough of the bunk. God Bless you sir. Keep up your writing. Be safe. Thank you for all you and your wife have sacrificed. Thank you for sharing your journay. God Bless and again, stay safe.


Today of all days I, too, feel my failures. But reading your entry brought a smile to my face and witness to my spirit that it is not our purpose we're striving for but His. You touched me today. A person totally unknown to you. As the person's comments before me I thank God for answered prayer as I've been praying for you, too. You don't have to know the exact purpose for anything; just that it is and will be used not for our goal but God's. Thank you for writing.


I am going to say right up front, God does answer prayer! I have been reading your posts for months now and lately have sensed that you have been "feeling down". I sure have been praying for you. I am so glad a friend lifted your spirits. I pray that you will continue to be uplifted in your spirit and know your purpose for being there. God Bless!

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