Keep on keeping on. I enjoy your posts and I am glad that you can articulate your innerself. You give us a glimpse of the inner man and the conflicts that you are going through and I have empathy because I have been there. Your posts bring me ack to a time when I was a young man serving in Viet Nam. Hang in there and keep up the writing.



Mr. Currie.

Hello, it's my first time posting here, but not my first time reading. You'll have to forgive me my inarticulate ramblings, it's a character flaw thats rather stubborn
in it's refusal to heel.

"This is my country, wouldn't you do the same?"

Those are powerful words. They mean a lot. History has been shaped by men who truly believed such things, and will continue to be so shaped likely as long as man exists on this earth. Those words cut straight to a place that resides in every single man who has ever lifted his head up for a moment from the mire that is life and has thought with any seriousness of what it is that he may live for. Why it is that he may continue on living as a civil person, a man and not an animal. It means a lot to those men who have given their lives and who continue to dedicate their every waking moment in service of "country" a tenous concept at best, what is a country anyways? A collction of people? What defines it? An imaginary line across unmarked land? No, it is an ideal.

Throughout history, man has strove for and fought and died and killed and loved and taken breath for ideals. The fact there exist, even
in the furthest reaches of the most horrible places on earth, men who live and die for ideals of good and of things greater than themselves gives me hope that perhaps man will not obliterate himself. That perhaps man may just live to oneday see a number of those ideals come to fruition and never forgetting the blood that was spilled to act as it's sustenance and life.

Perhaps man will live to see a day where Man will not strive to kill and destroy his own, and to hurt and create more suffering. Perhaps, just perhaps, we may see one day that Man will indeed be able to look across the lands of his world, soaked with blood from millenia past and see his neighbour living peacefully with him. Living and working together to further even then, those pesky "ideals". In peace.

Just the tiniest spark of hope.

Take it for what you will...

Keep up the good work. Soldiers and ideals like the ones that you have taken up are rare finds...

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"


Dear Rusten,
It is good to see you not angry! Sorry I haven't been here for the past week. I had some computer trouble. Do you mind if I plug Soldiers Angels site?

They have a Hurricane Katrina Fund for everyone to help the men and women in our Military that may be going home to nothing. They are also helping the people that are there now.

Meesler was whacked in the hurricane. Everything should be okay, though. We won't let them go without.

It has been a tremendous outpouring, from all sides of the aisle! It's the TV that is trying to make more out of it than it really it is. Don't worry. Have a great day!


Hey Russ. This will make you smile.



Hu Rusten, glad to see you posting again. "This is my country, wouldn't you do the same?" I just started to laugh, I am truly going to miss this man, I will pray that no harm ever comes to him or his family."

That one made me a little misty eyed. Kind of puts it all in perspective doesn't it? Godspeed.


Hey LT. I've been in my own little world of relocation lately. I hadn't realized you hadn't posted for awhile. Glad to see the funk has passed. As Baldilocks says can't wait to see you run.


After everything you all go through 'as soon as it gets cold the hot water in the shower will too'.

Funny thing about Murphy's Law, it's irony seems to appear at the worst of times.


After everything you all go through 'as soon as it gets cold the hot water in the shower will too'.

Funny thing about Murphy's Law, it's irony seems to appear at the worst of times.


Russ, Thanks for the birthday present! You chose my birthday to come back to us.

Where Katrina's devastation is concerned, you'd be proud of your fellow Americans. We have over 200,000 evacuees here in Texas alone. I couldn't go anywhere this weekend that a school group, or a fire department, etc. was not washing cars, or holding out boots to benefit the evacuees. Fancy car shows and golf tournaments have changed their plans mid-event to raise money for the evacuees. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are rolling in bucks from every quarter.

I highly recommend reading Papa Ray's link. It'll do your soul a lot of good! It sure did mine some great good. I'm happy we're all in that tribe! Keep up your spirits, and we'll keep praying for your continued safety! You'd be welcome in Texas! I have a great guest room. ;-)


Today is a day of blessings. You posted and now I know you are ok. One of my other mil bloggers also posted after a month of silence.

Whoever wrote the words "silence is golden" never worried about a friend or loved one in a combat zone!

Welcome back. Take care and God Bless. I am glad you have found a good friend over there. Now you two can help each other.


Nice post. The Discovery channel had back to back shows tonight 1.) Suicide bombers, they said what you call suicide we call war, because they don't have bombs or missiles to hit Israel or her capital, they have human bombs, and will always use what they have, again NOT suicide it's war. It was so wierd to hear them talk about it and show pictures of themselves in action, and when one bombs himself they have a parade in his honor.... Marching bands, music kids the works, it's a huge celebration. 2.) the whole 9/11 show all over by the end of the two shows I was wasted in emotion, drained.
Tomorror night (Sunday) They are having a movie on about the plane that fought back...



Hey LT

Just here checking on you. Can't wait for you to get back and run. :-)


Hey man, thanks for sharing your heart. Much appreciated.
God be with you and all our guys over there.

Julie Harris

A prayer was answered when I saw your post today. Welcome back to the world as we have been given - everyone needs to step off once and a while! I look forward to reading your wisdom (rants included) and have notified my CA family of your campaign - ensuring another lot of votes. God's speed. Julie Harris

Chevy Rose

I can only add, "DITTOS" to all the above commenters. So glad you're back on track.
God bless America and her soldiers.

Papa Ray


Long time no see. I told you it would all come out in the wash.

Here is something that every American should read, maybe it will give you some direction.

It needs to be passed on to other American Militay.

Continue the Mission

Papa Ray
West Texas


You have not been far from my thoughts and prayers. I am glad you are ok - physically, mentally, emotionally.

It was good to hear from you again. Stay safe.

And tell "Jim" thank you.

Jake (its never gonna end)

Currie, good to hear about whats going on with you again, if there's anything i can do for you, let me know, fight the good fight, and to remind you of something you said in boot camp, learn the game, play the game, beat the game, become the game.

Lucy K

Great post! Our night at the Ritz is nearing..hang in there. I'm looking forward to seeing DJ this weekend. You are missed..

Lucy K

Great post! Our night at the Ritz is nearing..hang in there. I'm looking forward to seeing DJ this weekend. You are missed..


It's nice to see you back. I'm glad your mood has lifted somewhat. Keep taking care of yourself!!


Thank goodness you are ok.
I was getting worried.

Things here are what they are its tiring I hate watching the news. Even to see that the evacuees are getting Red Cross debit cards for necessities.
Ive donated what I could.

I only hope things get better.
And fate has a funny way of sneaking up on you.
There are always good things to look for no matter how bad something is.
The iraqis you captured have been given a load of bullshit about america and capitalism. so they hate us and all us monsters and try to kill us. but when they meet us and realize we are human and caring they dont know how to react.
keep up the good work.



Good to see your posting again. Keep your spirits up. Can't wait to see you back in SoCal and your upcoming campaign. Again if there is anything I can do to contribute to your upcoming ordeal e mail me and let me know...




Its good to see you back Russ. Hang in there brother.


Good to see this post, Rusten. California needs you, so keep your spirits up and your head down.

Thank you too, Jim, for helping this good man return from the bleak shore.

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