In the 1980's French infantry squad, there was a sniper team (called a "tireur d'elite) in every infantry squad. And their version of the SAW was a light machinegun. I assume that such is still the case.


Hi Russ,
When you get home and time permitting, maybe you teach me a few safety/ready/cleaning ways for my little ol' .22LR. I know some, but I could always use an experts help. Bring your wife. I wouldn't want you to be apart after this long!

I really admire you, and I thank you for all you and the whole Military is doing for me. Keep your head down, so I can say a great big "Welcome Home!" You take care.


Im curious is that a heavily modded M4A1, or is it a SR-16 your carrying? Also it looks like from the scope picture you have mags clamped together possibly?

Sgt Jack_VietVet

I'm a Marine from a different time, a different war, a Marine all the same ! From the Cross of Gallantry, Purple Heart, Vietnamese service and Campaign and the list goes on. I faced the same Americans that spat at me and called me Baby Killers, threw empty soda cans at me when I crossed the Tarmac at Chicago-O'Hare Airport all the while I was on Crutches. By these posts I see some things never change.
Maybe if some of you literary heroes spent some real time in combat, your tones might change. I respect all our American Troops over there at this time and know what it feels like to be "Homesick". Keep your head and your *ss wired together and Semper Fi to my brothers.
Sgt. Jack


Soldiers have the most unique way of talking to each other. Had I not been in the Corps, I would not appreciate the inate humor. in times of crisis or stress. Be safe. Thak you for a jon well done and for all you sacrifice. By the way, do you guys need some of those nutrigrain bars sent to you or some of that water that runners use for preventing dehydration? You know my email address. I often feel so helpless back home with you guys always in danger. I often wonder if our posts help you guys. It just seems to not be enough.


GreatPost. Just be safe!



If you have to use that weapon again, you might get the scope checked for level. It appears to have a slight cant to the right as evidenced by the vertical position on the receiver being off to the left of center. It may be an optical illusion, but I'd hate for you to miss!

Stay safe.


A brigade of long rifle shooters would be something to see. Better yet a long rifle per squad, something along the line of the accurized Winchester Model 70s we had during my war. Not that the Brass let those shooters down to squad level, the scout/sniper platoons were part of the battallion headquarters companies.
Oh, yeah, and water bearers, like Kipling's Gunga Din. I'd gladly pay a few bucks extra taxes to pay for somebody to schlepp cool water around the positions.
Until the happy day when those things happen, you are in our prayers.


Neither happy nor sneaky. That look is one of tension headache, stiffness and eyestrain after an incredibly difficult and uncomfortable watch.

I'll bet the song wasn't "Dirty Girty from Bizerte".


I just read both posts for the first time Rusten. As usual powerful stuff. Stay as safe as you can. Godspeed.

Chevy Rose

"Consistently inconsistent", the rule of evading routine.
Keep your head down.
God bless, stay safe.


You look like you have a sneaky expression on your face.

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