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Brad J

Hey LT, well, I suppose in a way the existence of people like Cindy Sheehan and GAB let's us know that what we stand for (freedom) is in fact being preserved. Even for people who abuse the freedom they are given and maintained by the sacrifice of patriots whom they condemn.

So keep up the morale and maybe some of us will be in the sandbox with you soon.

jordan (mrj)

I second what Huntress said. Not just "less of a soldier" but also less of a man. Don't let the facile critics get you down, R. That was something no true leader would ever say.


"your BN has embarrassed itself enough already."

GAB...you got it wrong here. The actions of a FEW have embarrassed the BN.

But the beautiful thing is that the majority of the soldiers in this BN are true patriots and will deal with the issue, adapt, and move on to do their jobs.

Ignorance must be bliss, GAB.


GAB can kiss my ass! Haji does not give a shit where you live when he fires mortars and rockets. When you are running under fire you are no more or less a soldier than any other. Illegitemus non caborundum est!


Do you know the status of Red2Alpha? His 'PaintItBlack' and 'TIYW' blog sites seems to have hijacked. Hope all is OK. Continue to served and thank you for wearing the uniform of this US of A. Currie in 06'!

MSG K (Ret)


GAB? GAB what? GAB who? GAB where? Huh?


Rusten, Check this out...


Russ - you can't take the negative comments to heart. If this is a reader who has never commented before they are probably just a "lurker" who wants to get under your skin. Ignore "it". There's nothing wrong with a commenter disagreeing with you but there's no call for name calling and when someone does that to me I just act like the commenter was never there in the first place. Chin up!


Well, I was going to wait and do this on my blog but what they hey? Right on Huntress, wow, that was so good and 100% true. What a coward to hide behind anonymity! If you got something to say have the family jewels to use your name.


Its not that you, Russ, made GAB, feel like less of a soldier, it's that GAB IS less of a soldier.

He hides behind a bogus screen name, well passing judgement on you. He claims that your BN has embarrassed itself..when in reality...it is he who has embarrassed HIMSELF.
You put your name and face to your words, he HIDES like a coward and condemns! It is I who questions you, GAB, it is I who calls you a coward GAB, and it is I, who decrees YOU shame yourself and by fiat, YOUR BN!

Each of us, including you, GAB, embodies both the glory and the darkness found in all human hearts. We ultimately we each choose our own destiny by choosing who we shall serve. The choices made by a few men NEVER reflect the entire battalion. ANY real soldier KNOWS that fact.

That YOU would foolishly condemn an entire BN("your BN has embarrassed itself") for the actions of a few men who chose to serve the darkness that lay within their hearts,and that you condemn from behind the safety of a "screen name"; a mask, the shadows; speaks loudly to me of just "how much less of a soldier" YOU really are! No Words spoken by anyman could possibly make YOU feel that way...UNLESS you knew it to be true

Perhaps by fiat and in following your "stellar" example I should emulate you, and say "Please save your misguided judgement for when you return back home, your words and condemnation of an entire BN for the actions of a few men, have embarrassed not only yourself but YOUR entire BN.

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