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I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; everything negative has positive side. It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.

G. Williams

Dear Sir:

First, my thoughths and praryes are with you daily. I can never adequately describe my appreciation for what you and all others who serve do. As an Air Force veteran, I have nothing but the greatest respect for everything that you give daily. To open USA WEEKEND and read the blogs from those so far away yet so close in our hearts, was so meaningful. YOu write with such elegance. Your description of the IED certainly made it clearer to those who can only guess what it is like to serve in a place where life and death are only a step away. I hope that you will remain safe. I too hope that you will continue to contribute not only in your military service but in your words which bring life to the situations that you are faced with. You and all that serve with you have the respect of millions upon millions.

G. Williams


3-day migraine? and you're using stuff like excedrine? Please. Go to a doctor and get one of the wonderful triptans like Imitrex, etc. They've been around for about ten years. Changed my life. Non-narcotic, they are vasoconstrictors: migraine gone in 45 minutes. Side effects possible, vague sleepiness sometimes. Beats hiding in a dark room trying to hold your gorge down.


We SoCals have to stick together man. We gonna get that beer at the Yard House! Keep your chin up man, you are at that point where you are just tired. Soon you are going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The funny thing is that the closer the date gets the more you come to the understanding that you are going to miss it. I know it sounds funny but part of you stays here. The folks at home don't understand what we have seen and done. We have done good things and for the right reasons. No one forced any of us to sign that dotted line. I sign again and again because the job is not finished and my friends are still here. I am here so that my son will not have to come one day. Freedom man, it's a wonderful thing. That is why I keep coming back. I am OIF I,II,III and just waiting on IV.


I wonder what GAB does in the Green Zone. Clerk typist? He has a wonderful way with words for an idiot.


I wonder what GAB does in the Green Zone. Clerk typist? He has a wonderful way with words for an idiot.


1st off, about that boycott, it's about darn time the majority started fighting back while we still have a country to fight for. Don't those fools realize that they are doing exactly what the terrorists want?

2nd, I am so sorry you lost your buddies. Believe me I know how much you all mean to each other.

There is an upside. The three of you are each sharing your leadership talents with three units now. Lol, spreading the genious!

3rd, I'll comment to GAB on my blog. I don't think my comments appropriate here, if GAB would like to "take me on!"

After all it is pretty low to lay it on a soldier in the field. So, for now, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone!" No unit is responsable for the actions of a few people. I also believe "innocent until proven guilty" applies to soldiers too!

T6, in the words of Ronald Reagan, "win one for the gipper," ha! Ha![I know it was Newt, lol!]


Hang in there, Rusten. You gotta help us get rid of Waters. I'm keeping you in my prayers.


I can offer nothing but my support and my prayers. You have both...100%


Hey! I live in Los Angeles. Why do you suppose I'm reading your blog. Yes, I read the story and am waiting for the results of the investigation to draw any conclusions. I'm certainly not going to believe the L.A. Times. Looking forward to your return so you can take on Maxine. You wouldn't believe what she was saying the other day. You don't need to know just now. You don't even need to know until you are feeling a whole lot better. Thank you for what you do and stay safe.

Gimme a break

How lame, thanks for making those of us that work here in the Green Zone feel like less of a soldier for being here. Why dont you take your self praising, Im doing such wonderful things on home for your campaign, because your BN has embarrassed itself enough already.


I do not know who wrote this phrase but my mother always said "there is always a light at the end of the tunnel." Even after experiencing the darkness of a terrible migrane!

robin stewart

Just coming off a 14 hr. migrain induced "nap", I can relate on that front. On the other, 5 months 7 days is alot closer than 12 months 1 day. My credo in life is "it is what it is". And what it "is" is that thru you, MajorK, and Thunder6 our world has seen what strength, honor and valor really means...thank you all for your sacrifice and may all the "penguins" be together - forever.


Hang in there man! Don't believe what you read in the major media or hear on the major media. They have been anti-war/anti-military snce Vietnam. You have the support of MILLIONS of Americans. The work you are doing over there is noble and admirable.

My son-in-law was in Iraq about this time last year with the 4ID. I know from his accounts, that conditions are horrible with the heat and everything. He sounded delirious in some of his letters. One letter, in its entirety, was a story about ants. I was scratching my head over that one.

Hope you are feeling better. Migraines are a bear. Stop counting the days. It makes the time go slower.

Take care of yourself, and know you are not alone. Millions of Americans, like myself, think of and pray for you everyday. You make us proud!

Pat Adkins

Never believe that you guys are alone over there. There are MILLIONS of Americans, like myself, who think of and pray for you every day. Don't believe what you read/hear from the major media. They have an anti-war/anti-military bias that they've had since Vietnam. They don't represent the thinking of most Americans.

My son-in-law was over there with the 4thID last year, about this time. The conditions were horrible with the heat and everything. Hang in there, and stop counting the days. It just makes the time go by more slowly.

God Bless you and all our troops. You are doing noble work.


Hey! I live in LA County! Many of us have cancelled our subscriptions forever. There is a boycott. Good news. They have lost over 100,000 readers! lol.

Sorry about your migraine. I hope you feel better soon. BTW, aspirin has caffiene in it which affects the blood vessels that go to the brain. Hmm. Not in a good way, either.

You will see your friends again. You may even run into each other out there! I'm just hoping so for you.

I'm glad you were able to talk to your wife!!! That is fantastic. I know if she could tell you were tired, it wouldn't take away from the sound of your voice coming through the line. :)

Pam in Fresno, CA

Russ--You've got to give all "this" away. It's wearing you out. I'm glad you have a blog so that you have an outlet. I'm real sorry that you three guys have been separated--who would have thunk that you all knew each other? Like minds, too, I might add. So--have you a "higher power"? I'd like to suggest you give it to Him because you can't and He can. Take it easy, dawg. Heal well and keep your head down.


Ug.....you're making my head hurt just thinking about a 3-day migraine. I'm so glad you went to the clinic for help, and that you've been able to sleep.

I heard the three of you got split up... so sad. I wish it wasn't like that. You can tell how close you guys are, and how much you lean on each other for support and comfort.

I could tell you to buck up and soldier on... but I know you've already told yourself that and you're doing it. Plus, it sounds pretty stupid coming from me anyway, lol.

Keep on, Currie. There is an end... and there's a wife, a free country, and an election waiting for you there.


Russ! Man, I'm sorry to hear about your migrane- though I'm glad you got some much needed rest! Hopefully the oatmeal creme pies will help make you feel better! Chin up/head down bro! AMICHELLE!


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