AHHHHHH... I am not getting caught up in this.. but I WOULD like to say that please don't generalize and lump people into categories...

I'm slightly offended by my peers who assume that because I'm in the Army, I must be a Republican and therefore not Liberal.

Let us bear in mind that categorizing, assuming and name-calling is really something we get enough of from our enemies.. who have cloaked their cause by calling everyone infidels and then proclaiming it Holy to murder all Americans, Christian or not.

Not all Liberals are against the cause..

Army Girl
Phoenix Out



This is good training for politics. If you want to see it get slightly more ugly, google for the conspiracy websites that popped up in 2000 when McCain started a presidential run--they twist good to bad and say terrible things.

It gets worse. I have read stories of reputations ruined as a method of getting political power...be ready.

You know you have a short temper, and you know scurrilous allegations make you mad. This is useful knowledge when ambushed by a reporter or political adversary.


I haven't bothered to read the offending site as I don't want my head to explode. These are the same kind of sites that plague Iraq the Model as a CIA plant.

I would just thank you for serving your country and the world from a Canadian neighbour.

Stay as safe as you can.


I checked out the BooMan site - was going to comment. Went so far as to request a password before I realized this wasn't even worth the time of day. BooMan deleted! Life is too short for such a waste of time. Keep up the great work Lt. C - you've got my vote! Take care, Julie

Sgt Rumm

Hey Brother,

Don't let them bother you. They are insects and not worthy of notice.

Focus on killing bad guys and coming home safe.

The political stuff can wait.




max wyeth-

crack pipes and sex aids? WTF are you talking about. I have an ad for another website. An ad for legal services, an ad for people who like to play disc golf, and ad from a man who is interested in promoting peace, and an ad for funky clothes.

I don't mind defending myself. You're way off base accusing me or my community of being on crack or interested in sex-aids.

It's especially obnoxious since the complaint seems to be that Oui made unsubstantiated allegations.

max wyeth

I think you tell the Booman site by its ads.
Lefty junk about red states, ads for lawyers, tie dyed t-shirts, crack pipes, and sex aids. At least you can tell what these folks are thinking about. And by reading them you can see that that is about all they're thinking about !
The left has come late to blogging and their hero Kos has fouled the trail so badly, that they'll never recover.
Now wipe the sand off that desk and out of every corner, saw the sandstorms jpegs yesterday- whoa !


Boo -

Thanks for clarifying, and please note that my chief complaints were against Oui and not you.

You site is interesting, but to allow people to publish without review can lead to your site being "hi-jacked" by those with agendas.

I am not saying things need to be censored (not in any bit) but the holes in Oui's journal were big enough to drive Semi's through, and should have been reviewed more critically.

But that is also part of the voting process, so...


This is for panache. I actually directly invited Lt. C to the site to answer questions from the members and I told them to be respectful. One member was not and he was eventually banned.

The diary in question, the one by Oui, was published later, and it received mixed reviews.

I allow my members to publish without editing or preview. It's what makes my site cool. Then the members vote on whether to recommend a diary. And they make comments on the diaries.

Oui has written some very good diaries in the past and is a valued member of the community.

If you noticed I made two comments in that diary. One was to make clear that Lt. C was invited by me, and was unlikely to be a secret agent trolling to disrupt.

The other was to suggest someone email Lt. C to invite him to defend himself.

Sorry if some of you were offended by the allegations and rhetoric in the diary.

But Oui is allowed to raise questions and Lt. C is a registered member of the site who can defend himself.





Amazing how some of those assbags at BT twisted and contorted themselves into delusions that you are not who you say you are. Definitely not worth trying to have rational discussions with some (certainly not all) of the commenters at that site. When people start with a core belief that the USA, or perhaps more appropriate to say our sociopolitical system, is evil, or that our country is always wrong in it's approach to the world or that we (horror of horrors) look out for our own interests, there is no possibility of having a rational discussion with them. I also believe this about people who think the opposite, that everything that our country does is right, or about Republicans that think anything that GW does is absolutely right. I don't even begin to pay attention to such people anymore, it is just painful.

About you taking on Rep Waters. Is this really gonna happen? If so, then like someone said above, you definitely need to use your blog to reach out to military folks or those who just greatly appreciate the military. I can't imagine you not getting a ton of support from all over the country. Just whatever you do, don't tone down your comments. This is what sets you apart from almost all politicians; you seem to say what you think, hard an raw. And you must know that everything you say in this blog, will be twisted and manipulated by those who will run against you from now on. But keep it up, we need people in politics like you.

Sorry about the assbag comment above, but I don't have a chaplain trying to get me to be a nice guy.

Thanks so much for your service and take care of yourself and of your comrades.

Luther Mohammed's wife

The jig is up....it is all a conspiracy!
So since you are just relaxing behind a computer in the US. does this mean that those you have written about, personal or not are figments of your imagination? So can I be taller, thiner, and tanner and can Luther make more money? Oh Oh! I know, you can get him a job spreading neo-con propaganda too!! I hear it pays well and comes with medical.
They are so offended by you, yet they spend so much time trying to dig up all the info they could about you and fed it to one another.

Brian H

Poor Boo et al. The company they keep! The main group of associates in Iraq sets off car bombs in funeral tents, and tries its hardest to degrade the country's infrastructure to maximize civilian suffering. All justified because instituting democracy there is Impossible, a Sham, and just a Cover For An Oil-Grab.

Gawd, the cognitive dissonance agony groupie members must suffer. I really feel for them . . . but I can't reach.


Personally, what happened on your site sickens me Boo.

The question of who invited who seemed to be a constant meme that popped up in the comments.

Well, let me answer that particular question.

You did. Whether directly or indirectly. You did.

I.e. -

"I saw a hit from this site on my blog, so I went to check it out, turns out there are some really smart and dialed in people there. So I posted a comment and offered to answer questions about "the war" from my perspective. Here is a sample of the shots I took "center mass".

[Who invited who? - Ed]"

By linking to his site/story, you invited him to check your site out. Doesn't matter if it was a formal invite, it was an invitation.

And your members (not all of them) treated him quite poorly.

"IMHO I found the diary of Lieutenant C an insult to critical thought, mandatory in a Democracy."

Why? Because he has a point of view 180 degrees different from yours Oui?

Democracy doesn't only rely on "critical" thought, it also relies on a marketplace of ideas and thoughts, many of which DO NOT AGREE with one another.

His opinions aren't an insult to critical thought, they are an insult to what you think is right and how things should be. You want to project this onto others and feel that others should think the same way as you.

THAT, is NOT "critical" thought. That is GROUPTHINK.

Def: Groupthink is a concept that was identified by Irving Janis that refers to faulty decision-making in a group. Groups experiencing groupthink do not consider all alternatives and they desire unanimity at the expense of quality decisions.


Keep up the good work, there and on the net. Ditto on the " 'hard' money donations". As for Booman, what a waste.

Keith, Indianapolis

Count me in as a future supporter of your political career.

I hope a lot of the soldiers leaving the Army will consider going into politics, teaching, and into reporting. Time to take back the bastions of liberalism.


I was horrified to read the profile created about you on the Booman trib site. Absolutely unequivocally horrified...

I know the good people in your life and the good people who have been in touch with you about your postings will reinforce how much they believe in your mission and your good heart.

I would like to do the same but with the added label of being self-identified "liberal". I was looking for perspective and I found you.

What you do everyday is hard. Harder than I could ever imagine. How could I possibly understand unless I hear it from you? Please don't think that the individual who committed this venomous act is an example of how others feel.

You have a lot of people behind you and listening to you. Remember them first.


Lt. C,

First off, thanks. For everything you do, both in Iraq and in posting here. Secondly, I wanted to wish you the best in your political aspirations! I am 19 years old, and I'll be running for City Council in a year and a half, and much like yourself, I think politics today is broken. We need a few honest, no bullshit people like yourself helping to run this country. Best of luck!

John S.

Mike Nelson

Who needs coffee on a Monday morning when I can read Booman? I very nearly had an aneurism. I would say that our LT C has them scared. Posting from a combat zone confers to his writing a credibility and moral ascendancy to which these bolshevik traitors could never aspire. Also, when the campaign coffers open, Rus can expect a sizeable donation from Ohio. -MBN


If you noticed, there was a debate. It was not all piling on Lt. C. And he can defend himself at any time. I wish he would, in fact.

I personally believe we made a grave mistake to invade Iraq based on dubious evidence. But I'm not a flag burner. And I don't want to go on vacation with Saddam.

Also, over 50% of the country agrees with me that we made a mistake. That doesn't make me right, but it does mean I'm not some fringe radical.

The reason I link to Lt. C and other soldier's blogs from Iraq is so that we can hear all sides of the issue.

Anyway, Lt. C, if you want to set the record straight on the allegations made about you, you know you are welcome to post.

And you know what kind of audience to expect. Mixed, angry, skeptical, and passionate.

Most of all, I want you home safe. And if you run against Maxine Waters I'll be sure to send her a check :)


When you run for Water's Rep seat you be sure and shout loudly to all the milbloggers out there ya hear. You'll be gittin' lots of political 'hard' money donations. I for one will be more than happy to support your race.

Holly Wheat

Lt. C,

I don't know you and I've only viewed your blog today. However, after reading what the Leftist wrote about you, I want to say thank you. It is clear to me that you must be doing something right to be under such an attack by the ignorant left-wing close-minded Kerry-loving morons. If they are so against the war, I would like to put them on a desert island with Saddam Hussein as ruler, then we could get back with them for their newly updated opinions.

On April 4, I lost someone I loved dearly in Iraq. L.Cpl. Jerimiah Kinchen, a marine (4th Recon-Echo Company) and the war suddenly hit home to me in a very dramatic way. It was only when the little boy I'd grown up with, had given his life for these flag-burners that I begin to understand the reality of war and of my own freedoms.

I am sick of liberals yelling that this is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time. Until they have given a personal sacrifice, I dare say that they should keep their mouths shut.

Thank you for what you do. I appreciate your sacrifice.

Semper fi,
Holly W.


Hey Lt. C,

Way to let 'em have it.


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