chevy Rose

The UN is like a bunch of old rich men; do lots of talking and 'gumming'. John Bolton, I hope will be the man to put some 'teeth' back into the UN and since USA does most of their fighting, I say "go get'em, John". IMHO, naturally.


The UN did go on the offensive in Somalia, and one could say this helped escalate the situation to the point where US soldiers died. Of course this escalation is precisely what the thugs who ambushed Pakistani UN soldiers months before wanted. It dragged the UN into something they couldn't contain. Here's some info.

Anyway, the best example of a toothless UN was in the Balkans in the 90s.

Big T

Noble sentiment, my friend, but I fear more of the same from the UN. Despite all the resolutions they issue, the one they lack is the resolution to use violence. I am reminded from a quote from the film Black Hawk Down: "In Somalia, killing is negotiation."


The UN is only as strong as its members. The biggest mistake the UN made is no "family jewells!"

When a nation member is found to be in violation human rights they ought to lose their ability to vote or be part of key functions.

No country ough to be a member in good standing otherwise. Too many members are guilty of this. As the number of violators who are also members increased, it was only a given they would join ranks.

I don't believe they are in the majority. But the majority has become complacent and afraid to do their job. Then you get a Kofdi Anan in control and you have no leadership.

Mr. Anan may have won the Peace prize but everyone needs to kinow when to step down. It is time for Kofi to step down.

Patrick Lasswell

The thing that people forget about Ghandi's victory is that the British were not committed to tyranny, and so the sword was not needed. Of course, the sword was necessary to break the British of their addiction to tyranny, but the Indians did not have to wield it.


It's about damn time! I hope they get it right over there. I'm still disappointed they haven't done more in Africa- esp. Somalia.


John Bolton believes the UN has a place which is more than I believe. Giving the UN "teeth" at this juncture would be an error considering the number of totalitarian dictators with influence in the UN today. I mean, do I want the Human Rights Commission being chaired by Zimbabwe having "Teeth"? Don't think so. The UN needs to be gone and a replacement organization of ONLY free countries allowed to participate.

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