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Brian H

I've lost the link for the moment, but I read a story about some Guatemalen (?) genius kids who built an underwater ROV for a competition and beat out hotshot university teams. At the verbal presentation stage, the spokeskid was asked where his PowerPoint presentation was. He answered something like, "PowerPoint is for people who don't know what to say or how to say it."


By pure coincidence I happened to visit here directly after reading some of Neptunus Lex's archives (neptunuslex.com). As I read the last paragraph of this post it struck me that a similar strain runs through both of these blogs, though you are of different branches and quite disparate rank.

But you are both excellent writers, and I see similar threads of philosophical musings and a willingness to directly acknowlege and wrestle with the "ugly stuff" in your writing. As well as an extraordinary ability to take us inside the thoughts and feelings of the blogger.

Neptunus Lex is possibly the best writer of the milbloggers, so consider this the highest compliment I can offer you... Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experiences with us.

And may God bless and protect you and your brothers.

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