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Mike Bailey

Oh heck wait until you have a Battalion Ceremony and then run up and give the Major a hug, it might just get you out of Iraq.Maybe even out of the Army. Naw, then again he might like it , then you'll really be in trouble. I am glad I am to old for this war, Nam, and Desert Storm were enough for me, this one is for you youngsters. I served with the 3rd ID in Germany back in the 70's. My Battalion XO was a Major Barry McCaffrey, I ran into him after Desert Storm at Stewart, I don't know who was more surprised me or him to see each other. Course then he was the General, me just a sergeant. You have to love the National Guard. Keep it low. Rock of the Marne.

Matthew Krappman


I like the new picture. It shows your softer side. You look like a hugger, what can I say?

You know, hugging babies is part of running for office. You can practice on my brother.

Love you.



its great you remembered about me !I received a few nice letters from your readers.it is nice.
-I like to share with others with my experiences - also through my artistic work.
--I am proud that the Polish army is supporting americans in Iraq.
I am also a member of a discussion forum on military.com - under nick "CATCHER IN THE RYE" -I got in the last year a prize ,as an author of the most popular topic of year 2004 (!) (I am apologizing that I am boasting but I am very proud of it too :-)))- can you imagine yourself to be in such a situation : a man living at the "end of the world"(almost :-))which first can hear the message in a radio station (they broke the program announcing the urgent message)- next he wrote this message on the military.com at next five secunds-and when all america slept because of the early night,-this man from the 'end of the world'-first wrote publicly in the States about it.
my topic had thousands replys and commentaries from all country..
and how not to be proud here? :-))
---- anyway,thanks that you mentioned about my website.

have a good day -
I remember about you in the prayer


ps.do you want to know what title was of this topic?


don't you think that it is a great matter?


25 days for me........


Hey Currie-
What... no love for Maj. K? LOL... oh man... what an image.

I suppose I'm glad Thunder6 is back- even though you both desperately want to be home with your wives, I'm glad you're there together! (plus I've missed his writing)

Stay safe... be strong!


Doh! Dead link.

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