Well said....you got lots of wisdom packed under that kevlar. I look forward to see you putting the passion into your campaign!

Louie Marsh


You are so right about what happens when you wait! I'm 52 and in the last 3 years or so have begun doing things I've never dared to do before.

Just open you heart, let God shape it up and step out in faith and DARE!!

God bless and I sure hope you get elected!!


Your words are so true. I used to do system/software implementations and upgrades. People can be so resistant to any change due to fear of the unknown or just because they are lazy. I'd been thinking for 2 yrs of relocating to another state where I have no family and only a couple acquaintances and no job (yet). Well, it's happening now and I'm just jazzed about it. My problem now is patience to get everything done.


What does that mean?? ;)


"The only thing that happens when you wait is you get old..."

Well said, gotta keep reminding myself of that, take care man.




Though I know I wasn't your purpose for writing, thanks for the kick in the butt! :) (I'll write more later.)


I love this post because I decided this year that I was tired of being afraid of everything. I was afraid to join a gymn because people would be thinking I couldn't do it, and afraid to take karate because I was afraid to spar. What if I got my butt kicked? I joined a gymn, and I don't care what anyone thinks, it feels good to go. I'm not taking karate yet because it's hard to arrange care for my 6 month old, but that's next. I'm gonna do it DAMMIT, so what if I get a black eye! It makes me feel young again to think about doing it. I'm tired of feeling like an old fart at 35. I bet you never thought about your posts affecting moms like me, but they do. Plus I like reading what you're up to over there, although I'm sorry that we Americans don't think about you guys and gals enough and all that you're sacrificing. Everyone is so damn spoiled here in the US, and it makes me sick. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

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