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"If they can wait for revenge, I can wait as long as I have to for progress. As always I wait with a ready sword. And having to is the real tragedy of it all."

As I read this, I was reminded of this saying found on many swords in Spain:

"No me saques sin rason. No me embaines sin honor"; meaning "Do not draw me without justice, do not sheathe me without honor"

The Knights Templars swore that they would never draw their swords unless convinced of the justice of the cause in which they were engaged, nor to sheathe it until their enemies were subdued.

That you have to wait, with sword ready, is indeed the real tragedy, but that you DO wait, is heroic!

Stay safe!

Sgt Rumm

Hey brother, I know how YOU would fight the war, but there are laws against that kind of stuff. Oh, you are running for office one day, I better keep a lid on stuff like that right? Ha ha

Glad you are doing well (all things considered).

When does the campaign start?




Sounds like this Zarqawi guy is a ninja!

See this link:



Good Hunting Russ! Keep us posted! Good IMing with you the last couple of days!



I agree with everything you have said. Ever since I heard this fanatic's latest edict, I have been so angry I haven't been able to write comments on my blog. Your words have brought everything into a clear focus.

I admire you and the rest of our troops for your perseverance. I admire you all even more for showing the Iraqi people more concern and kindness than a fellow Muslim who proclaims to have their interests at heart.

May we all live to see the day when Iraq is a thriving Democracy, independent, and self determining.

Now if the Iraqi Army and Police force can continue to build their forces they can take over their own affairs. They can continue to rebuild Iraq into a free and economically healthy country.

They will show Zarqarwi and any other foreign nut case they are quite capable of taking care of themselves.

I just hope the coalition support remains steadast in their support and sees this through until the end.

I hope you guys catch Zarqarwi. But I hope you catch him alive. Dead he is a martyr, alive he will be seen as the coward he really is like Saddam.

Be safe, keep up the good work, and come home with your head held high for all that you have all accomplished. Thank you for all your sacrifices.

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