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Collin Baber

Understanding the Bushian Hubris-Nemesis Complex ? a tribute to MR461

George W. Bush has claimed that Almighty God has personally instructed him to strike down those evildoers who dare disobey him. Using the White House as a flag-ensconced high temple pulpit in a rabid cult of infinite retribution, he mesmerizes the scared and confused American masses like a messianic preacher, whipping them up into a screaming bloodthirsty patriotic fervor. To reach the climax of his orgiastic celebration of violence, Aluminum birds streak overhead, unleashing bombs from the skies to explosively ravage disobedient distant lands while he excitedly tells the world that a great cleansing fire is coming to burn through all corners of the planet.

Imagine all the foreign populations crying out with outstretched arms to the skies above, begging the Bushian God Savior to fly above on an Icarian chariot to burn them into pure believers. Would they pray, "Oh, George the Great, Holy Planetarchis and Master of Fire, we beseech thee to bomb us into peace and love in thy grace."

Such wild, delusional and punishment-mongering thinking has no place in the Executive Branch, the forefront of our government or any other Westphalian creation.

As our paranoid, hallucinating leader rages on, reifying new fantasy enemies from the dust and striking them down in oversea bloodbaths using the bodies and broken minds of our indentured sons and daughters, we in the "rational technician class" must rise up from our prostrated amoral obedience and call for an end to his reign of nation-destroying madness.

Have a read of MR461 yourself at: www.rand.org/publications/MR/MR461/MR461.pdf

Jeremy Stocks

Many thanks for this blog. You describe just how friendly Arabs actually are which was my frequent experience whilst living in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 1994-99.

My favourite film of all time is also Apocalypse Now. I have read much about this film in depth. What you should read when "on point" is this poem which is partly quoted by Dennis Hopper to Marting Sheen at the end of the jungle when he meets Brando:


It is the poem If by Rudyard Kipling. It has kept me sane through stressful periods.

Good luck and please write more. I know the deserts of the Gulf very well having spent three years driving across them in a 4 wheel drive. Cheers Jeremy

John Middleton

So just give us a shipping address and we will get you some packages on the way to you.
We would love to support you and your mission.


Great writing. Remember, new paragraphs are your friend! They make it easier to follow the transitions, and they aren't all that hard to insert.


I am proud to have you defending my country. Great post!

Thank you for your service.


I wanted to say thank you to all the men and women serving our great nation. I've been fortunate to have lacked nothing in my life. I find myself taking for granted the blessings bestowed upon me and my family. You've touched my heart with each posting; especially the children. I have huge boxes full of toys, clothes, shoes and coats that I've recently boxed. All are in great shape. If you could email me an address, we will ship them ASAP.

May God Bless You!



I write to CNN all the time with the real news but they never respond. I send it in emails. I also ask them about their constant negativity. No response.

But I did hear them respond to a listener complaint one day. The reporter said bad news and negativity sold. Peopel didn't watch "positive"news broadcasts.

Big joke, huh?? Anyway thank you for that beautiful account. Like I have said on a few aother mil blogs, you guys are ambassadors of goodwill and you perform wonderfully.

Thank you for your service. Be safe!


First of all, thank you for your service and excellent blogging. Any chance you could change the color of the font for the benefit of us middle-aged readers? Red on black is so hard to read.

I know, nag...nag...nag

Anne Lieberman

So tell us how/where to send the items you mention. Many of us will be honored to send what we can, and I'll be happy to post the address on my blog.

Thank you for the incredibly written glimpse into your day. Thank you for your dedication and your service. May Gd bless you and keep you safe.


First time at your site. Great to hear what's really going on. Thank you for your service.


Thank you. What a great story of the heart and soul of the fine men and women who serve tha cause of freedom. I linked it over at my blog, plus a couple paragraphs from a letter we received today from the pastor of our church who is one of the Chaplains at Landstuhl. I hope you never get to meet him. He calls you fine men and women the next "greatest generation."

P.S. I doubt I'm the first to mention it but the red type on black is terrible. Give us guys with bad eyes a break. : )


Great post! Glad you're blogging and soldiering...been reading your stuff for a few weeks (especially liked the photos).



I just watched the video link you posted. I know you had no way of knowing, but the URL is a link to Clermont Yellow Ribbon- an organization in my hometown.

The parents of Matt Maupin are heavily involved. Matt is the only missing Soldier from OIF. His parents send care packages to soldiers every week, and include a pic of Matt and a letter in each one asking them not to forget their son is missing. He's been gone for almost a year now- April 9 is the 1 year anniversay, I believe.

His parents live really close to my house, so we have yellow ribbons and electric candles in almost every house around here.

Anyway, I thought it was wild that you posted their video. Thanks Currie- and keep an eye out any news of Matt.

Matthew Krappman


Best post yet. Good to hear. Sarah and I pray for you and Greg and Trevor and the rest of the boys every night. We read your posts with great attention and care. God Bless and hang in there. We may want you here, but they need you there. Great Thanks.


Matty & Sarah

Brian H

Scheisse, are you deliberately trying to write tear-jerkers? It's downright embarrassing, even in private, to be so easily and completely manipulated.

Anyhow, slightly OT, you remind me of a story/joke;
3 year old on phone to granny, runs out of things to say. After a few moments of silence, holds a foot up to the phone and says, "Wanna talk to my new shoes?"

Of course, with camera phones so common, the joke is already about the "olden days", but . . . . ;)


Hey Russ. It was great hearing the end of the story. Thanks for the call the other day and I was really bummed we got cut off. I show all my cube mates here what you are doing and saying about your Iraq experience. The picture with the kids was great! Take care my friend!



The pictures of the kids was awesome. The pics of you guys tweren't bad either! Any of the pics of soldiers putting shoes on little kids just tugs at the heart. I don't know if you have any idea of how humanizing those pictures are to everyday Americans. I wish more of those got into the MSM than the Abu Ghraib pictures. Hmmm. Too much to hope for though, alas.

Mixed Humor

Thanks for sharing your photos and stories, you do an excellent job at painting an image for your readers in words. I will be checking back in and look foward to reading more in the future.

Thanks for your service and be safe.

LT Lee

Well shit. Stumbled upon your site and now am linked up with a former OBC classmate.

If you need anything from Germany just drop me an AKO e-mail. Oh, and fucking paragraphs damnit, the tab button exists for a reason.


Hey Currie-
I don't know how to get ahold of MSM, but bloggers spread the word quicker than you can imagine. Bloggers like Blackfive, Smash, Donovan, AS, and Mudville can spread news like WILDFIRE. I can send them links to your story and pic's, ok?


Awesome, Russ!! I am SO glad to hear that you had such a great day and that you are feeling more upbeat. You were starting to worry me! :)

As always, I'm honored by your service, and very proud have you as a representative of America to those families.

God bless!

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