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Hey Devil,

Got the comms from you. Waiting on address for launch of items you requested.

Remember, ears get caught in customs, teeth don't.

Get some

Semper Fidelis



You have discovered the cathartic effect of "writing down the moment" while "on the anvil." Do your job, come home. Forget the rest.

And about Heroism...

Esse Quam Videri


I'm Individual Ready Reserve, and when I got married in June 2002 (we met the Sunday after 9/11) I made sure that my wife knew that she could wake up some day an Army Bride.

January 8th, 2003 that day came. I shipped out February 6th.

I thought she was holding together pretty well - fortunately for us I ended up being released back to the IRR early, as I later found out that if she had seen a psych while I was gone the diagnosis would have been clinical depression. She's fine now, but I should have had friends and family checking on her more while I was gone. If Major K's wife is in the area, or you or your wife have family in the area, please make sure that they visit your wife, at your home, OFTEN! She needs the support as much as you do.


Rus, Keep posting I live for everyday I get just a glimpse of you. We have been through many tough times and I hope the oatmeal raisin cookies make it there soft and give you a smile just for a minute. Your men are lucky to have you. The military is you except that it will always be and we love you for that. The kids had a great time making Uncle Rus' care package I hope you enjoy it. Love T

Brian H

Damn it! Another "Must-Read" blog! I've got too many already. Time for another house-cleaning, I guess. I've got 4 or 5 Mozilla Tab Groups of 15 - 20 Iraq-related blog links each, with descending levels of priority, and when this one goes into the top group, it probably means I'll have to bump another one down, immediately or eventually. That's the hard life of an Iraq blog addict.

Patrick Lasswell

So, I rejoined the Naval Reserve after being out for almost ten years today, with the full knowledge that my unit would be called up in the next twelve months. Then I read your post.

I spent some time at lunch after the enlistment explaining to my wife why the Navy is deploying to dirtside locations in Kuwait and Iraq. (Protecting sea lanes includes protecting their terminus, it turns out.) I'm not sure she got it, but I have some time to clarify before I am in your situation.

Thanks for the heads up.



That was quite a rant. Kat wasn't kidding when she said you were great to read. Very open and honest. I'll have to go back and read your archives.

In the meantime, remember that your wife loves you and wants you home safe with her. Us girls love our men in uniform, but we love them even more by our side.

You keep your head down, and keep posting. Writing is an incredible release, as I'm sure you are finding out.


Just found you via Major K via Mudville Gazette. Read all your past posts. Really appreciated the music from the Arkansas Boys if you don't mind passing that along (if they're still on your FOB when you read this). Mortaritaville was funny as hell.

As for all other things, I'll simply say, "thanks" to you and your family. Your on our minds and in our prayers. For every minute you spend there, may you and yours have an extra minute to just hold each other and be reminded what love is, why we need it and how damned good it is after you see the crappy things people can do to each other.

Mortis Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis

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