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The time is now, it is our time and as we move forward who will rise above mediocracy. Who will choose to lead. Who will choose to stand still as time passes them by. I choose to lead. When I am at the end of my days, and I look back at the path I have walked I want to know that I lived a life worth remembering. I want to know that the footprints behind me are my own, and at the end of my journey, when I look ahead I want to see my children looking back at me. Moving forward, always forward.


As of this writing, I am 33 ½ years old. Time is the greatest huntress of all, she always finds her prey. I am currently serving as a military intelligence officer in Southern Baghdad, Iraq. I am married to a wonderful woman, she is the rhythm of my heart, and she has helped me become who I was destined to be. As of this moment, we have been married for 23 months, and I have been apart from her for over 80% of our time together. I have been in the military most of my adult life, it is the only real job I have even known, and until very recently the only family, I have ever really had. Being here in Iraq has changed all of us who serve here; I am no exception. It has given value to everything I once took for granted. It has made me appreciate who I am and where I came from. I used to shed memories of the places I have traveled to, as easily as one would walk down a flight of stairs, yet it is here in this place that my mind will remain over the course of the rest of my life. It is here that I became more than I was before. This life is a strange journey, it takes us from relationship to relationship, and can see us catapulted across the world in an instant. I have enjoyed my journey thus far. I look forward to what the rest of my journey has in store for me.

Without risk, there is no progress…


Life, liberty, and and all things free