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December 22, 2006


Chip Anderson


Peter Desrochers

Having followed your blog in the past, I thought you might be interested in reading Last Journey: A Father and Son in Wartime, by Darrell Griffin Sr. His son, Staff Sergeant Darrell "Skip" Griffin Jr., was killed in action on March 21, 2007 during his third tour in Iraq. At the time of his death, Skip was writing a personal account of the war in an effort to rationalize the havoc surrounding him and his fellow soldiers.

In honor of his son, Mr. Griffin Sr. traveled to Iraq to witness for himself the lifestyle of a soldier. Combined with his son's sensitive, at times philosophical correspondence, Mr. Griffin Sr. provides a unique and intimate perspective on war that is unknown to many Americans.

If interested, check out a featured review from the New York Times:

or another review from Barnes and Noble:

Thank you and I hope you'll share my enthusiasm for this tremendous book that commemorates the life and death of a patriot.

Best regards,

Peter Desrochers

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