June 06, 2006



Welcome back. Are you still planning to run for Congress?

(Soccerdad, in a word yes. 2008. The 2006 elections are far too focused on the war (although a real issue) I want to distance myself from who I had to be in war and who I want to be in office; though much of who I am is the same, I'll need to speak on it freely.)


Good to read your words again. Don't let it be so long next time, okay?!!

Thank you for your service.

Tina M

Hey glad your out of your funk. It was good hearing from you, in more ways that just this.
Take Care.
Good luck with the whole grown up job thing.

Tina M.


Really nice to hear from you again, sir. If ya ever need to get a beer, I'm buyin'. God bless you and your family. You've given so much for your country. We owe you big time and are glad to do so.


Hey stranger!
Glad to see you've decided to write a bit.

Even more glad to hear you're doing well and adjusting back to "normal".


Welcome back. May you have the peace of quiet things. The right "grown-up" job will appear in due course. You are still a patriot. Press on.

David M


Welcome back. I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well, my daily fix of news of the men of the 184 was so needing a shot, its good to read you again.

If I haven't said it enough, thank you for your service to our country.

Mike (impervious to sniper fire) Geery

Bullshit-- you did it to please your father--the King of Hell.

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