June 10, 2006


Tina M.

Luther and I watched England beat Paraguay today. USA plays Czech Republic Monday! Looking forward to it.
Interesting thing about Mexico... But I wonder who would want to be an immigrant there?

Tina M.


hmmmm.... are you SURE you won't run for office this year? LMAO. Nice take on Mexico.

I'm still reeling from the American loss the other day. *sigh*


All I can say is, Yep, Yep, and Yep!



Good to see you posting again. I truly miss your take on the war and life in general. Heh! ...not sure which banner you'll run under in 2008; but, let us know. Regardless of your affiliation, I'll be happy to toss a dollar or two your way. This nation needs more men like you in positions of leadership.

Happy Trails!

Mike (can pummel Russ to the ground) Geery

This sentence: "Growing up, I was to short to play football, but I found that being small, and lower to the ground, I was pretty fast and pretty darn good at soccer."

Has a grammatical error and is a runon sentence. FIX IT POSTIE!

Identity Theft

Glad to have you back Drake. hehe.

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