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PVT Fender

Hey. Hope you're living the best out there, because once you're gone, you'll find you almost... miss it. Hoping, after aIT, to get deployed and do a little work overseas too. I'm probably one of the few soldiers who want to go over, come to think of it.
Hange tight, keep cool, and come home safe and alive. We love you so much.

kirbey Puckett

hang in there grey eagle. Ba fee over and gig monned? no hablo bicycleta


I just wanted to thank you for your service and sacrifice's. We are an Army family here, so we know them well! May the Lord keep you safe and bring you home soon!


peace my brother be safe i am looking for a soldier who was in nyc getting ready to go back to iraq for his second tour his picture is on taxishots 2 with his wife and baby i think he was out of nebraska anyone seen him


Thank you VERY MUCH for fighting this war for the rest of us back in the States. You are part of a proud legacy of American soldiers.


Sweet, precious dreams.


You should know that as you go through these tough times there is another little fighter back here in the states putting up his own fight for life. He was named properly to be a fighter though ,he is your namesake Drake. He is waiting to meet Uncle Rus when your both in a better spot than you are now .He in the NICU and you in Iraq. We love you and we all miss you. take care of you Love Tina


Oh dear, it sounds like you're going through a very rough spot. Hang in there! There are so many people holding you up on their figurative shoulders--who would do it for real if given half a chance. You are buoyed by a rich layer of prayers, gratitude, good thoughts and greatest hopes for your happy future. You're far more than halfway home; keep fighting through it!

Kat in GA

Hang in there...no matter what, you are always in our thoughts and prayers!!!

Chevy Rose

Dittos to the other commenters, we just wish to know you're ok.
God continue to bless you and all Americans.


Stay strong Russ and don't let them get you down. Once your morale goes it all goes.

Non illegitemi carborundum est


Words can never express the gratitude that we feel for warriors such as yourself, that are willing to place themselves in harm's way in order to protect those of us at home. May the Lord bless you and keep you safe.

Big T.

Hang tough, brother.




Got kind of worried there. Hope all is well. Stay the course. Thanks for checking in


Thank you for checking in... I am glad you are doing okay. Good luck with sleeping. Keep your head up... not too much longer and you will be HOME! You all are in my prayers. Thank you and your soldiers for everything that you do!



Thanks for checking in.
Take care...sleep well in the knowledge that the hell you are going through is really important to the safety of your countrymen.

We can naver thank you enough...

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