Thank you again, RC! I want to share our Texas hill country 4th of July, because you guys were a great part of it. Our little town, just north of San Antonio, had our annual family picnic. Collector cars were on display for our parade later. The local Boy Scout troop (we still have them in Texas) posted the colors, and the National Anthem was sung while we all had our hands on our hearts. We enjoyed hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon slices 2 for 50 cents, homemade brownies 50 cents a piece. A silent auction with donated treasures benefitted our Police Auxiliary Academy. A barbershop quartet entertained us. We were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in 105 degree heat. Anytime any of us heard someone complain about the heat, we reminded them of the awful heat in full regalia y'all were enduring so we could have the freedom for this celebration.

God bless you all, you are in our prayers.


Thank you for all you do. I am so sorry for the loss of one of your comrades and a true hero. We all have lost an exceptional American. May God bless you and all of our soldiers serving over there with you. Please stay safe and may angels watch over you always!


Thank you Rusten. I am so very happy you guys had a respote from thr war if only for a day.
I throughly enjoyed sll your comments. I agree you, Major K and Thunder6 are a very special group of talented men. God Bless you. Thank you and your men for your service, I thank your families too. Be safe.


What a sweet and lovely post, Rusten! I had a beautiful 4th and I'm glad yours went just as smoothly and with fond reflections.

Pam in Fresno, CA

Russ--thanks for the 4th of July wishes. As far as I'm concerned, I think anyday above ground is a good day in Iraq. Thank you for being of service!


I did. I have. I will.

Your writing is as beautifully creative as ever, with much meaning. Concise meaning. The best. Thank you.

PS. The package did not come in the mail today. I will look again tomorrow. :(.


THANK YOU!!! Wonderful post...


I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you so much for your service and for sharing your days with us. Great posts.


Glad everything went well. You were all very much in our thoughts and prayers yesterday! Then again... you are EVERY DAY!

Stay safe as you can.

Chevy Rose

A big "Thank You" for giving us another Independence Day. God bless America and all her mighty military.


Hi Rusten,
You, MajK and T6 are three incredible people. Of course, all serving this nation are --- but your blogs are powerful voices.

Thank you all, we owe all service personnel so much for their sacrifice.

And, yes, Parisian must have been a Sleudian Frip.


Did you mean to say "partisan" politics, or was Parisian correct?

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