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Thank you for the posting. From your description, I now know my friend has returned to those he is so proud to serve with.
Over the hump. Less than six months left. I remember being a "Short Timer" in a different place and time. The time should go quicker now with the exception of the last week. The last week always seems to drag and there is little you can do about that. The key is to keep your head on straight. Keep your mind on what you are doing, so you can all come home safely.
Please keep up the postings. These words you write mean a lot to those of us who keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.
Take Care and God Bless.


Yup - sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.


Sounds like the time I lived in Moscow, Russia where during the middle of the freezing winter months it was common practice to eat ice cream while outdoors so as to help your internal body temp match external temps whereby feeling less cold.

In other words, for what it is worth, drinking hot beverages in the heat will help to eleviate feeling hot.

Chevy Rose

I was sitting on my patio at midnight CST, looking at my full moon sitting in the southern sky, wondering what it must look like in Iraq to our soldiers. Glad you told me. God bless.


as always, a good read Russ! i just wanted to stop by for a moment to say congrats on your interview and to tell you that i pinned on sgt today.

semper fi sir.

Pam in Fresno, CA

I had to chuckle Russ--I get God shots like that once in a while, too and view it exactly the same way you did. Wait until you have children (and pardon me if you do already). They will lay some doozies on you. 130 degrees. It was a 109 here in Fresno the day before yesterday and people were whining. I was the one telling them to be grateful they were not in Iraq where it was 128 that day in the shade--and you're not wearing a kevalar vest and a sixty pound pack! I'm so very grateful for what you do--and SO sorry it's so friggin' hot. I was asking my guys who did the Vietnam thing--hot and wet?? Or dry and hot?? They all chose dry and hot--and I'm sure you know they're all standing in line to come take your place! Be well.

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