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Beth A.

So few people seem to ever admit when they're wrong; you did a good and honorable thing (not that that's a surprise). I've been reading T6's blog and trying to figure out what's been wrong; now I have some idea (thanks to your posts). I hope this set of trouble goes away soon, and becomes an opportunity for you all to learn from, then put aside and move past. God bless you for the great job you're doing for our country! Stay strong (and well).


You don't start over you just move on. How ever the outcome, if you know you have worked to do the right thing then you just continue to do your job the best you know how. That is what is expected of you and that is what the soldiers you work with look to you to see how and where to go. DRIVE ON!



You told a CSM he was wrong?? You dumbass, I thought I taught you better!



ps- your parcel has been on the road for 5 days now.


I admire you more than words can express. Hang in there. We need you to come home safely.

Vickie Wight

I admire you. I support you.


Hold your head high, soldier on! You are a wonderful human being and I as always appreciate your blog.


I would also be interested in your thoughts, if you are able to comment. That article is a doozy! I recognize a lot of the incidents they mention (like Thunder 6's promotion) from reading blogs of guys in the Battalion, though they are spun in a strange direction.

Of course I can't know what's really going on... But what really struck me about the article was the sense that the writer truly didn't have a clue about the culture he was "reporting" on.


I look forward to your comments on the hatchet job the LA Times did on LTC Frey today. I kept scratching my head trying to figure out what he did that was so outrageous. Reading thru the Times what I see is a colorful, different, kind of leadership style that used to be the norm in the Army before it became infected with "PC."

What is your view on the guy?


On a further thought, your Bn CSM asked, "How do we start Over?" You tell him a Marine Vet said to get the whole Bn together. Tell him to tell them he will not discuss the on going investigation in the unit, nor will anyone else except with proper authorities.

Then you tell him to tell his men to do what the Marines do in these words or similiar:

"Hold your heads high, remember all you have learned in this conflict, all you have accomplished as a unit in this conflict. Any dificiencies in training and experience you all had before you came here have been surpassed and your efforts exemplary. I am proud of you all and your ability to work as a team. We will not accept defeat or give up. We will not let our honor as a unit flag. We will not hold our heads down in shame but lift them up in pride. The pride I have in you and the pride you should have in yourselves and what you have accomplished cannot be taken away by anyone unless we let them. You have answered the call of your country with HONOR, PRIDE, and DIGNITY! I am honored to be your CSM.

Now lift up those heads, and grab your ass by the seat of the pants, and let's finish what we came here to do! We have a jhob to fiunish!"

If you prefer you can show him my comment as it is directed to him since as far as I know he doesn't have a blog. But if he did this would be my comment to him. And, I have one more thing to say. After the 9/11 attacks when our men started being deployed, I was afrad for my country because I had first hand knowledge that many of our reserve and guard units were sorelt lacking in training and other material needs. BN CSM, Sir, I am no longer afraid! The accomplishments of all of you speaks for itself. And as a Marine Vet I will give you a salute that is not given lightly, SEMPER FI!!

I hope you will conmsider showing my comments to your BN CSM. They are not meant to be arrogant, but rather from the heart!!


Never mind. I found the link on your previous post. Hold your head high. The whole group is not responsible for the actions of some. Whether American, Brittish, Russian, French, whatever, there are always a few people who will take advantage of situations for their own personal gain ot agendas. While the imnpact cannot be ignored, moving forward is the only solution with your head held high. Thoses other types unfortunately will always be there. They deserve any punishment they get if they are guilty. their actions have aided and anetted our enemy's propaganda war!

I am so proud of the rest of you. So hold those heads high and continue what what you've all been doing, a damn good job!


Well, as usual all was well written but I have no idea what you are talking about. I read your blog all the time but honestly , did I miss something?

I'm not being critical, I'm just not sure what MSM story you're all talking about and what you are apologizing for.

What ever it was, I know you would not purposefully offend anyone, but for whatever you did the right thing, and that CSM, so did he. You both resolved an issue man to man to end anyone elses ability to use it or affect morale.

Then you each moved on. I congratulate you both. You took the steam out of the MSM or anyone els'e saol. Good for you both.

Chevy Rose

I can't add alot to all the other comments, just know I'm so proud of you and all our military. God bless and press on.


I don't think you start over. I think you just carry on. Starting over implies a fresh start and this one doesn't look like it's going to be fresh.

A good man, which you are, will put one foot in front of the other and do what needs to be done.

You have my prayers.



I feel for what you are going through. The last thing the military was another hit peice by the MSM, and to be supplied the fuel for said hit peice bothered me tremendously. I know from serving for 6 years, that the unfortunate acts of few can blemish the acomplishments of the many. Once again you have shown true leadership and exceptional integrity. Stay safe and once again if I could help with your campaign you can email me....

Todd out


Hey Lt. C.

I'm sorry to hear that your company is going through some hard times. I read the LA Times article, and needless to say I'm disappointed.

But I can only imagine the disappointment you are feeling, and other honorable soldiers that have been caught up in this mess.

Keep your head up high and do your job the way you think it should be done. We are working to get you guys home. We may not see eye to eye on this war, or this President, but we both want the best for Iraq and we want the best for our armed forces.

I know its a very tough job over there without a lot of good options or solutions. I know it is very hazardous and stressful. I just hope for your safety and that you all can come home soon with honor.


Jake Feuerbacher

Currie, just found the site today from googling you. Been a long time since we talked, Meeting you was a long time ago...a lifetime...but good to see you alive and kicking still. For those reading this.. Currie and I went to Boot Camp together in San Diego, then to SOI. Finally ended up at 1st BN 5th Marines.. both of us grunts, me an 0341, 81 mm mortar..
Boot Camp was an experience in and of itself. At the time Sgt. Lucas, Sgt Henderson, Sgt Towell??, and Sgt Medrano took us and gave us a sense of direction, but not before breaking us on the deck for hours... at least we didn't puke up the canteens of water Sgt Shermans platoon did. lol.
The humps, man oh man, the humps, on a good day, I miss them. The rest of the days... bah, not carrying a 35lb barrel. The mind can play some brutal tricks on you (this hill's never going to end) ((oh #$%, he's right)), lol, but i don't imagine its anything near whats going on overseas right now.
So, my hat and my dads hat off to you for what you are doing!!! I'm so grateful that our paths got to cross, and just know that you have affected me in such a positive way, and I hope to God that you stay safe and thank you!!

Semper Fi...


Hang in there! Thanks for having so much personal integrity and leadership.

You remain in our prayers always!
Kat in GA


Sounds like you all are going through 'hump month', like Wednesday hump day.! For what it is worth, Friday is just around the corner!

Considering that the majority of the enemy you face today are coming from outside Iraq, are motivated by Jihad yet are targeting civilian Iraqis the idea to 'Make Peace or Die' is an appropriate motto. I definately prefer that to the motto 'Submit or die'.

That said, admitting our mistakes builds great character and is a lesson from which we all can learn.



You are a very large man indeed.

The hit that the 184th has taken was yesterday. I know that you all will learn, rapidly recover and move forward to take the high ground swiftly. There are more than 600 good men at the FOB, and they can defeat any enemy.


Congratulations on having the guts to do the right thing about the CSM. All the more reason I respect you.

I'm so glad to hear that you guys are starting to shake off the recent hits to the chin and press on. It's no fun (understatement!), but I think you guys are gonna come through everything with heads high and colors flying.

Keep up the great work, LT! We're with you all the way.

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