That was a great post...I will come back and re-read a few more times.

May the Lord keep you and all your friends safe..

God Bless you all for the sacrifice you are all making.
Stephen (from Australia...yes we support what you guys are doing too)



I'm SOOOO glad you found a way to turn your attitude around, and refocus on honoring your deceased friends finishing the mission you set out to accomplish. It would have been easier to stay depressed, angry, sad, and uncaring. It's much harder, and takes much more guts and strength, to use those emotions for the betterment of Iraq.

Looks good on you Currie... REAL good.


Please put me on your fund raising list and stay safe, we need guys like you.


Wow - I am speechless. I am so glad you are in better spirits...I've been praying for you. Stay safe!

The 21st century ain't going to be pretty. Come home safe; the country's going to need every single one of you guys.


It is because of people like you that keep me free that makes me proud to be an American. Among many other aspects of life, of course. But if we didn't have you to watch our backs, we may succumb to communism, fascism, or radical Islamistism. Thank you for your service! ;)

Keith, Indy

Glad to hear you are in better spirits.

We are all in this together.

Some people have forgotten that, as they never knew or believed the stakes were as high as they are. President Bush did his best to remind people of that the other night. And the usual suspects did their best to bury that message, mostly for their own political gain.

While most of us are not in a position of hardship or danger, our efforts at home to support those on the front lines, are as vital to them, as their standing on the front line is to us. We should never forget that. Write your newspapers, write your congressmen, write and talk with your friends.

The only way we can be defeated in this war, is by loosing the will to fight it. Luckily we have a Commander in Chief who is not persuaded by polls and the mainstream media. While mistakes have been made, and will always be made in any human endeavor, the cause is just, and the outcome must be victory.

Rusten - You are part of the next greatest generation, because when called you served, and are putting others lives and liberty above your own. You also have the hope of serving something larger than yourself when you get back, which puts you ahead of many people who've led far more comfortable lives.

chevy Rose

Russ, your post is not just from you, but from all our soldiers, especially those whose voices are stilled. You, at so young an age, have put hope, courage, determination, and honor in a few sentences for all Americans. May God bless and keep you safe....Press on sir.

Oran Woody

In this article, you may have stated the most important two sentences that you will ever share.

"This is in fact a world war, even if the rest of the world won't admit it. I am walking through the first pages of the first chapter of the 21st century. "

Seldom does anyone realize that they are experiencing momentous events until after the fact. With this, you have announced that you have recognized so much more than most of us ever will.

May you do well,

Oran R. Woody


Sir, you have once again moved me to tears. I live just outside NYC and Sept. 11, 2001 will be seared into my mind forever; and i knew, that day, as well... that this was indeed not only a war.... but a world-wide war - as you have expressed so much more eloquently than I could. How could we ever thank you enough for doing what do there? For helping keep us safe here and fighting for the forces of good vs evil.....you make us feel as though we really know you ...and so we care all the MORE... God bless you and bring you home safely ( and send you to Washington.... I wish I lived where I could vote for you!)

Louie Marsh

Wow - another incredible post! Brother you are a deep thinking and God bless you for it!

Don't worry about the down time, that's just part of being human. Just keep pushing and keep praying and keep on doing your duty. That's what we're all called to do - you and your brothers and sisters in arms are a great role model for the rest of us.

Sunday at my church we are going to have a time of reflection and prayer for all of you before I preach - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!


Excellent perception of your place in history sir. Your's is indeed the next great generation. Thanks for everything.


Considering how the West (and the US State Dept) held itself for a quarter of a century in fear of de-stabilizing the 'Arab streets'whereby allowing for tyranny and jihadism to flourish will remaining content with the policy of containment, I consider those fighting today for freedom from tyranny and terror to be greater than the greatest generation.

On a purely humanitarian level you have fought this war unlike no other in the history of mankind while managing to achieve the greatest positive impact. This speaks volumes as to the capabilities and mind-set of our fighting men and women.

With all our military might America could have easily razed the place in an instant with little loss to our side but instead, the higher and more diffcult road was taken in a world convinced defeat was somehow inevitible long before the war was brought to our American soil for a second time.

On 9/11/2001, I was on the roof-top of my building, witnessed the fall of the WTC into dust and at that moment I remember thinking the same thought as you, that being, "This war is bigger than all of us".

This war is big, but from what I have learned ever since 9/11 is that the indomintable America spirit is stronger and greater than our fears of war.

You said it best, "We are Americans!"


My god. I have chills. Beautifully written. Your eloquence and clarity of expression are a delight. Your ability to share your experiences and emotions border on telepathy, if such a thing is possible through print. Best of luck with all your endeavors.


Well thought out and well written post. Repression and intolerance define the enemy. The enemy dreams of a return to an Islamic Caliphate of a millenium ago, and see the US as the biggest barrier. In my opinion, islamic fundamentalism is a charade used to recruit "martyrs" with promises of heaven and virgins. The true goal is power and control.



Fabulous post! You have clearly identified what is a stake in this task.

Those who are serving in the sandbox are the kind of leaders we need back here.

Thank you again for your service, and looking forward to your service in the political arena.

Mike O

Stay sharp, stay safe, and come back home when you can. Then go out there and kick Maxine's tail all over the campaign trail.

I would love for a whole group of Iraq vets to come back and go after the seats of several of the whiny elitists in Washington. The campaign theme would be simple: 'We understand the value and price of freedom; do you?'


Wow, Sir, when you come back from the pits, you come rumbling. Great post! I've been waiting and wondering when you'd make it to the other side. I had no doubt that you would.

Now, don't beat yourself up for the "black" time. Our brains are smarter than we realize. They know how to handle over load and you just proved that.

Isn't it amazing how when you feel the most lost or numb, the most pain or sorrow, or whatever the feeling of extreme nature, our brain and our inner self join forces and say ok, "MEDIC." and some unseen part of ourself is pulled up quietly to fix the overload, and send us back to the right path revitalized.

It is an honor to have you share your great comments. I feel privileged everytime I read them. Now we just got Mike to wait on. I have no doubt he'll be the next one to get to the otherside of this "darkness."

God Bless you all. You have become family to us and like it or not you are stuck with our love, respect, compassion, support, the whole shooting match. We just really love you guys!

Papa Ray


Your correct Sir that the world doesn't understand that we are at the start of WWIII, but that will
change soon. It won't be Iraq that
will have the attention of the world, it will be Iran.

Papa Ray
West Texas


Fabulous post, and a great reminder. Stay safe.

Derek S. Ford

Thanks, Russ.

You've made a shitty day so much better. As if my bad day can compare with one day for you in Iraq.

On the flip side... I have access to some "Ad Trailers" here in So-Cal. I'll have them set up with your message banners if you can find some volunteers to drive them around YOUR (Maxine's) district.

Keep your head up, and keep fighting LT.



Thank you for the posting and I am very Glad you are back. The grim spirits you have been in since your return have had me worried and I've been hoping and praying that you would come out of them soon. Keep your focus on the job and come home safely. We need more good people like you running this nation.
Also thanks for posting the pictures of your time back home. You truely do have something to come home to.
Take Care and God Bless



Great post. I found your blog on BLACKFIVE and will return often. Matt says you are going to run for the US congressional seat of Maxine Waters. GOR FOR IT!!! I'll send you your first maximun contribution.

I'm the father of a marine, from San Diego, and am looking forward to helping you run for office when you return

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