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WAHOOOOOOO well said Susan!!!!!

Diane crawl back into your psuedo liberal black hole from which you, and those that hijacked everything that being a Liberal once represented, crawled out of...I believe Osama is patiently waiting for your return.

You have NO damn idea of what you speak...and neither does that corrupt excuse of the ACLU...which explains why those within the ACLU have spoken against it and all it now stands for...which includes supporting terrorists, supporting dictatorships..and exonerating mass murders.

Perhaps you should enlighten that pathetic wasted intellect of yours..and read my latest blog about the Torture Houses that Mr Fathil spent time in for the crime of NOTHING.

I will make it easy for you just click on my name to be linked directly to the post....where I offer up in great detail exactly what Mr Fathil endured!

I KNOW HE would have gladly traded places with those Poor "tortured" detainees at Gitmo who have to deal with being forced to listen to rap music...which by the way is the music of CHOICE for millions of Americans!

What Mr Fathill endured IS torture.

Strong handed interrogative methods combined with five star meals, toritos, rap music, and the gloved use of the Koran, all used at Gitmo are by NO STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION considered torture

American prisoners in AMERICAN jails have endured WORSE than the five star meals, Harry Potter, tostito chips, rap music, and sleep deprivation, that terrorist detainees are subjected to!

What disturbs me is that fools like you and those fuckwits that run the ACLU are still allowed to exercise freedom of speech and that good men like Russ will fight to the death to ensure that you will always be allowed to do!

Because of men like him and inspite of fools like you, the ACLU, and Dick Durbin,Iraqi's will ALSO be allowed to exercise that same freedom....hopefully they will use it more wisely than you and your ilk have.

By defending the BS that Dick Durbin spewed out YOU ARE INSULTING ME(the daughter of a jewish mother) and MILLIONS OF JEWS WORLDWIDE( way to go!) with the INANE comparison of what detainees at Camp Gitmo deal with to ATROCITIES perpetuated by Hitler on innocent Jewish men women and children!

Club Med INDEED, you say, (dripping with the arrogance of misguided and often ignorant liberals)

Just ask Mr Fathil!


And Diane from CA:

For the record, if you consider having Harry Potter read to you by a female as tortureous horror then I pity you.


Dear Diane from CA who supports the ACLU:

Not that this has any meaning for your leaders at the ACLU but did you know members for Congress recently visited Gitmo (like within the past two days), responding with statements such as:
"What we have seen here is evidence that we've made progress" Rep Sheila Jackson D-Texas

"The Guantanamo we saw today is not the same Guantanamo we HEARD about a few years ago" Rep Ellen Tauscher D-Calif (she is from your state)

By the way, for future reference, Dick Durbin has NEVER visited Gitmo (please keep this in mind when you advocate defending Durbin's idiotic rhetoric)

That said, has the ACLU provided you with a copy of the Al Queda training manuel to read, has anyone from the ALCU even read the Al Queda training manuel? For if you had read this Islamic Jihadist War Manuel it would be so obvious to you that you and the ALCU are providing the most effective weapon Islamic Jihadists use in combatting this decades long war Islamic Jihadists themselves brought upon the United States, that being, using our Democratic Values (ie human rights and justice) to turn against ourselves. In other words, both you, the ACLU, Dick Durbin and all anti-American Marxists are providing intellectual weaponary for our enemy to use against us. In another time, this would have constituted treason so you enjoy a free pass.

I also have Iraqi friends who have stated numerous times since Saddam's fall that they are horrified by the actions of those anti-Liberators who marched so freely on the streets of free societies against this war and against Iraqis from having their own freedom to speak and march freely on their own streets. These Iraqs hold contempt towards the UN, the anti-Liberators, the Dictator supporters and everyone else who believes that containing Iraqis to life in hell with Saddam was preferred over war to Liberate. Their contempt for the likes of you is far greater than your contempt of our current American adminstration.

One would think that the ACLU would be first in line to fight for the civil liberties of Iraqi people instead of fighting against Iraqi Liberators. But the ALCU does not fight for human liberty, it is far too busy consumed in the quest for defending the rights of criminials and Islamic Jihad Terrorists.



Diane is a complete idiot and a tyrant's fool.



Thank you! No one in Congress has any balls. You certainly do.


"This too shall pass."

LoUiSiAna Proud

You got my vote!!


Hi. Lt. C. Diane from cal. here, read your article and comments with interest. I am as you know a liberal and I just have to say this.
As part of our research on the blog that I comment on we did extensive research on the aclu papers that were released several weeks ago and I personall read 11 trascripts of the tirbunal proceedings as well as other records of Gitmo.
What can be found in there is truly horrifying and I think you too would find it so.
As liberals we are really trying to stop these practices and return this country to the moral attitude we had prior to this devistating war in Iraq, which we also want to bring to a close.
I am stunned that all the posters here simply disregard the happenings at Gitmo and in Iraq as well as places around the world.
If you and others are comfortable with that then, so be it, but do not condemn us for trying to end deplorable practices and policies used by this Admin.
As you may remember I have a friend a citizen of Iraq and I cannot whatsoever sanction what this war has done to her and her country.
I know that you and other soldiers do what you are ordered to do and I do not fault you for that, if you are not a party to any of these practices.
Trust me, we are fully supportive of our soldiers, they are not just Reps. they are Dems. too and members of many of our families and we care about all of them and you.
Please consider all of this when you write these articles, we are very opposed to this pres. and his group and the awful mistakes and lies that have been told to start this war and work dilligently to bring troops home asap.....
Finally I ask you and others, just what does this country now stand for, torture....I certainly hope not. For a senator to speak truth to power should not be condemned and for him to point to the truth of the situation however it may disturb you, it disturbs us even more that these things are allowed to go on. Club Med at Gitmao, Indeed!!!!!!!

Kay Harrison

Just remember, Russ, that the MSM may be the squeaky wheel, but they're doomed to lose the battle. More and more people are getting their news from the 'net, and are so sick of the politicians, pundits, and know-it-all actors that they're turning them off.

I know it's hard to stay positive when all you hear is the negative, but it's always the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. Just put in the earplugs and let it go. It's the attitude I've had to adopt in order to keep my blood pressure from rising!

Lisa Gilliam

I Lt.Currie how are you?I want to thank you
for responding to my email.I also think that Durbin should be tossed out.Not just him but Ted Kennedy,Pat Leahy and these other old relics from the left of our party.They don't have since enough to realize that they are destroying the system our founders helped to create.They are also destroying the Party of Jefferson and Jackson.Frankly as retired Georgia Senator Zell Miller told Chris Matthews last year time to bring back dueling.Since none of this modern nonsense works,need to go back to what worked.The people of Illinois should be ashamed of themselves for electing nincompoops such as this.It is also a time for housecleaning for national dems,how is Howard Dean gonna paint this country blue with all that silly rhetoric coming out of his mouth?These folks really think we are all stupid!But as Forrest Gump said in the movie"stupid is as stupid does"
It is time for a purging of the Democratic party starting from the top.Another suggestion I have since these disgusting pieces of debris have no original ideas but to promote socialism and and more anti-Americanism,they need to put as much distance between themselves and the press!The MSM are destroying us!


Oh for heavens sake... he apologized with tears in his eyes? Give me a break, you whimpy-ass monkey boy.... He must have learned how to cry on cue from Clinton.

Take your boo-hoo-hoo home Senator, and don't bother to ask me for a hanky- it's just not gonna happen.



Great words...and the very passion we need you to carry to the Capitol...

Count me in your corner, both now and in the future....


I was irritated with Durbin's comments until I read your blog and realized what an affect it has on you men who put your lives in harm's way not only for us but to build a free nation in Iraq.

Now I'm angry and I will write the Senator and tell him that I intend to financially support anyone who chooses to run against him in the next election. Not only will his opponent have my financial support, I will work -- hard -- to see that Durbin is defeated. There is NO excuse for what he said and even less excuse for refusing to apologize for his stupidity.

Meanwhile, please know that ther are a lot of us here at home who support you and respect you and value what you are doing. Your courage and sacrifice are honorable and honored by intelligent, patriotic people. The rest of them don't count.


After days of being sickened by Dick Durbins remarks, I finally found the inner wherewithal to blog about how I felt about his delusional comments.

As the daughter of a Jew, I am sickened beyond words by him. As the daughter of an American, I am sickened beyond words by him, and as a decent member of humanity I am revolted by him.

The rest of my rant is far more direct...and a helluva lot more vitrolic!

Perhaps Dick should read the account I posted from Mr Fathil...who the Marines recently discovered tortured and near death in one of Zarqawi's "Torture Houses".....then maybe this putrid senator would hang his head in shame at what he has said. Mr Fathil can assure DICKhead Durbin that being forced to suffer the HORRENDOUS torture of listening to rap music...is a day a Disney land compared to what he endured at the hands of Al Zarquawi's sick and twisted henchmen!

Only the twisted few would support what Dick said...and we ALL know who those twisted few are. How any of them sleep at nite is beyond my understanding.


I wish that after the elections the two parties would put aside their differences and tend to the business of the nation.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a perpetual election mentality in government these days. They are always trying to "spin" events to favor their own re-election.

Right now I would say the Democrats are WAY off base in attacking ANY part of America while we are at war. ESPECIALLY the military (including the commander in chief)!

What in the hell are they thinking?????


I wish that after the elections the two parties would put aside their differences and tend to the business of the nation.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a perpetual election mentality in government these days. They are always trying to "spin" events to favor their own re-election.

Right now I would say the Democrats are WAY off base in attacking ANY part of America while we are at war. ESPECIALLY the military (including the commander in chief)!

What in the hell are they thinking?????


Never mind the scum like Durbin. I thank you for your service from the bottom of my heart.

Pam in Fresno, California

Dick Durbin is unworthy of any man who has come before him:

"Contemplate the mangled bodies of your contrymen, and then say, 'What should be the reward of such sacrifices?'...If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquilty of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and MAY POSTERITY FORGET THAT YE WERE OUR COUNTRYMEN!"--Samuel Adams Go to your favorite search engine and look for that poem, "If" written by Rudyard Kipling. Perhaps that will lift your spirits a bit. Thank you for being of service. Hang in there!


Maybe this will cheer you up! I just posted some of your comments to Huffington Puff here (forgive me, I'm an html idiot!)



Russ, the bulk of the American population is 100% behind you and what you are doing. Politicians that sent the military into Iraq, and are now trying to pull the rug out from under them, will simply not stay in office.

Most of the citizenry greatly appreciates your sacrifice, and recognizes what we are accomplishing over there. Your work is critical to maintaining the free way of life we have, both your military work and your blog.

There was a recent survey that showed the military is at the top of the country's most trusted institutions. That is due to the quality and character of its people, and you are an outstanding example of that. Your ability to write and communicate is serving larger society with this blog, just as those abilities help you serve in your job. Thanks.


Hey Rusten-

Ever see the movie "xXx"?? My favorite line applies to Sen. Durbin:

"Don't be a dick, Dick"
(said just before Xander drives Dick's convertible over the side of a bridge and parachutes to the ground, as the car crumbles and explodes)

Fortunately, the rest of the rational world is with you on this one, and dear ol' Dick offered up a lame apology today:
"I have learned from my statement that historical parallels can be misused and misunderstood. I sincerely regret if what I said caused anyone to misunderstand my true feelings: our soldiers around the world and their families at home deserve our respect, admiration and total support."

Sorry Dick... too little, to late.
The only *good* thing that can come from this is a renewed support of those in our government who really do support our troops, and diminished support for asshats like Durbin. Go ahead, Durbin.... keep on spouting off your mouth... make a fool out of yourself... and then go home and pout when you lose the next election. Bu-Bye...

Chevy Rose

Rustin, don't let this "Dick" Durbin get you down. He's a fool. There should be enough heat put on him that I expect him to apologize by Sunday. Which by the way is Father's Day. What better gift could fathers in the military receive than a "Durbin eating crow" on national TV.
Stay safe and God bless.


This is what happens to Leftist politicians when they resort to rock bottom bottom-feeding, they drown themselves in flashbacks of delusional granduer.

It is impossible for Leftist politicians to see the trees much less the forest, their eyes are so focused on tripping out on the lights fantastic as they continue riding their Magic Bus of peace, love, and understanding, drinking Kool-aid, while banging thier drum that Islamic Jihad is just a petty nuisance.

The problem facing Leftist politicans is that their Magic bus ran out of gas on 9/11/01, the day America wisely stopped riding.

That, and it's really about the global warming/eco imperialist idea that air conditioning is indeed a dastardly capitalist invention which brings about torturous results.

Sending lots of hugs and prayers from NYC


It is because of Men like you, Sir, that I am proud to call myself an American Citizen.
First off I'd like to say that I am proud of what you and your men are doing in Iraq. I have been reading your blog so some months and have enjoyed everything you have written. You truly have a way with words, bringing the reader along with you, seeing what you see, feel, hear. We feel your pain, your happiness, and laugh when those times pop up like the time in the mine field.
There are many Politicians, on the left and right, that have forgotten why they were granted the right to SERVE the people of the United States! I agree with a number of the previous posters who say that the winds are a changing. Career politicians have to be removed. They have made a career out of being a politician when the job was designed by our Forefathers to be a TEMPORARY position at best. (Sorry for the rant).
I only wish that you were going to represent where I live, (Louisiana...and we all know about Louisiana and its politics!!)
You are doing an outstanding job there, HELPING the people of Iraq be free and have a choice, finally! Know that there are a lot of Americans who are behind you and all the men and women in Iraq, serving our country, and Iraq's.
AS one of the previous posted said, the only reason these BONEHEADs can say what they say, is because it is easier for the MSM to show it repeatedly on the TV. "News at Eleven"...
We (American's), need to bring new people to Washington, like the LT. so we will have someone there representing the PEOPLE of American and not special interests or themselves. (Whew. Sorry for the soapbox. See what you've done? You’ve got me ranting and raving about our so-called Representatives of the American public). Watch your six. Semper Fi! And know that come November, Mad-Maxine Waters will be out of a job, thanks to you!!


Russ, don't let this get you down. There is a burning anger that has been building under the surface in all true Americans. We're sick and tired of people who are undermining your work and endangering our coutry. We've been pretty quiet, but I think we've finally had enough. Right now were still figuring out what to do, but we live by the code "Never Again." We vow that you will not be micro-managed, prematurely withdrawn, or ever face an ungrateful nation on your return. Combined with veterans who went before you, we civilians are not going to let that happen. Do you job. Rest easy; we DO have your six and we WILL prevail.

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