LT C, your loyalty to Major K is wonderful. My nephew was killed in Kuwait on March 5, 2004. Not one man in his unit has come forward to consol the family or offer info on his death except one did say his seatbelt was reported [3] times as broken!

We were told two Iraqi terrorists rammed his vehicle from behind at 100 mph with the lights out. The survivor is still in a Kuwaiti jail. Now we're being told it was an accident caused by the driver of his vehicle making an illegal turn into the path of the other vehicle. That came after a lawsuit was attempted on his behalf by the county where we live because accidental and terrorists death have different death benefits.

To top it off the Navy says that the supposed driver was a reservist activated and in that capacity was a representative of the US Gov't so he cant be sued due to diplomatic immunity.

Kuwalt sent his wife a "huge" check and an invitation for her, his mom, and grandmother to attend the public hanging of the man Iraqi survivor.

His entire unit is "still" under "orders" to not discuss his death or have family contact or face court martial. The other three men [including the driver] remember nothing?? The first first investigative result was a vehicular accident after Senator Warner was contacted This came after about 5 months. Over a year later after the insurance escapade, the other surprising info came to light. Most surprising of all..why the hell would Kuwait send a hige check to his widow for a traffic acident?
This was done immediately following the "accident!"

In the corps, this never would have happened. We always looked after our own. Sounds like the Army [the troops] do the same.

It is an honor to read your blog. Your candor and courage is amazing. Major K's commentary is likewise great. You guys make us all proud and feel safer. Thank you and each and everyone of your fellow troops.

Look out for each other. So keep your heads down, your buttts too. Be sharp and every darn one of you come home. Know that the job you are doing is helping to insure more of our troops come home safely. Many more would have died were it not for you guys. Thank you.


Thanks for the words from your heart--you give me such a poetic and emotion-filled glimpse into your world. My mom and dad liked and admired you from the beginning--they always had a keen eye for quality. You are in the daily prayers of me and my family. With love from one of MAJ K's sisters :*


I don't know how you do it. It's a gift to have the ability to express your thoughts laying them out for all to read. Thankyou.

Keith, Indianapolis

So, that my kids, when my wife and I have them, don't have to grow up and fight over there. Stability in the Middle East could not have happened with out taking out Saddam. Plain and simple.

All those arhabis would just be somewhere else right now, plotting how to bring the "great satan" down a notch or two.

Your job may be underappreciated, but you and all your fellow soldiers are not.


You have summed up "Duty, Honor, Country" nicely. As to why you are there? You are there for me, my kids, and grandkids. Thank you.

We know what you do. We don't take it for granted at any time.


It is a thankless job you do. MI needs to press on even when they don't see results right away. Your job will provide the kick that finally breaks in the door. So press on and do your duty.

You may never receive the thanks and compensation you deserve for this. But you are nobler and more productive to your country than hundreds of CEOs and Congressmen alive today. Your job is harder and more valuable. And if you live for 75 years more, you will never, never find one that means as much to me (and the rest of America) as the one you are doing right now.

God bless you, youngster. Press on, to Victory.



I am speechless. LTC, you have actually silenced, no that is not correct. You have given me something to think about, that has left me without words. In the end one word keeps coming up......friendship. I am honored to be your friend. I am blessed to have you and MAJ K as friends.......and I pray for both of you to come home safely. There are many places at home waiting for you to see the reflection of the man you are.......Dwyer's pool would be a great start! God Bless!



Since I first found your blog, I've often been moved by your humor, honesty and eloquence. I think perhaps this post has touched me more deeply than any other. From my heart, I send you wishes of good luck in your daily endeavors, and prayers for your continued safety. I think we are truly lucky to have men like yourself, as well as Major K, serving in our armed forces.

Godspeed and blessings!


Your words are very compelling and thought- provoking. Thank you for your service.


...one of Major K's brothers here. Thank you for serving with him. I am truly touched by your words and I know that the Major understands how rare those words can be. My family is honored.



Iraq and America the Beautiful: http://solomon2.blogspot.com/2005/02/america-beautiful-3rd-stanza.html

Amazing to realize it was written a hundred years ago. The poetess praises America's military and their mission, acknowledges faults, and concludes with a prayer to G-d for betterment. Verse says it better than my prose can. Priceless.

SGT Jeff


You might want to check the regulations - I don't think you have the option of choosing which combat patch you get to wear. At least I was told once upon a time that you wear what your personnel file says you do, which should be the last unit you were in combat in.

Of course, I could also be completely wrong. I'm still not sure I'm even authorized to wear one, much less whether I'd want to - while I was technically in the combat zone, I was not within 100 miles of enemy forces.

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